Warm Shredded Carrot Salad with Carrot Greens (Vegan)

carrot; green; greens; edible; tops; salad; snack; spicy; shredded; onion; garlic; warm; side dish; healthy; vegan; vegetable; organic

I have a delicious new recipe to share with you today. But first I want to tell you that the YBR event has it’s own permanent page with all of the information, linking codes and badges for our lovely monthly event. Check it out, it’s up there on the menu bar as YBR. OK so on to the recipe. Did you know that Carrot greens or carrot tops are edible? Yuppers, they are! The other day I picked up a bunch of fresh organic carrots that were on sale with the greens still on them and I got curious, are they edible? I quickly found out that they are and in fact are quite nutritious, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. The carrot tops can be used raw or cooked, tossed in salads, used in soups and many other creative ways. I found this great site full of info all about carrot greens and even some recipes, it’s called Carrot Museum. On this site they also wrote the following, “The leaves do contain furocoumarins that may cause allergic contact dermatitis from the leaves, especially when wet. Later exposure to the sun may cause mild photodermatitis. (This is NOT the same as ‘poisonous’ – it will only affect susceptible people with allergies to the plant. Some people have the same reaction to yarrow, ragwort, chamomile etc.)” I handled and cooked the greens, we both ate them and we are both still alive, so no allergies for either of us. The taste is quite strong so I would suggest that you use them sparingly at first or taste to see if it’s something you like the taste of. The taste was a little bit bitter and very leafy tasting. I wouldn’t say I loved the taste but I also didn’t hate it. Anyways, I did really like the warm shredded carrot salad I added the greens to. It was a little sweet and a little garlicky. This is a fast and easy recipe for a great side dish or you could also eat this as a main meal. It is also vegan, healthy and low in calories without skimping on great taste. I served the salad along with steamed white rice and some sauted eggplant for a small vegan meal.
carrot; green; greens; edible; tops; salad; snack; spicy; shredded; onion; garlic; warm; side dish; healthy; vegan; vegetable; organic

Serves 2
3 medium carrots, peeled and shredded
carrot leaf greens to taste ( I used a small handful)
1 small red onion, finely chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 inch or 2.5 cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
3.5 ounces or 100 grams shredded cabbage
1/2 tsp. salt, adjust to taste
pinch of black pepper
1/4 tsp. ground Turmeric
1 Tbs. sunflower oil

1. Heat the oil in a large pan then add the finely chopped red onion and saute until soft. Add the garlic,ginger and saute for 3 minute. Next add the shredded cabbage stir to combine with the pan ingredients, cover and allow the cabbage to soften completely. Once the cabbage is soft add the carrot and carrot leafs stirring to well combine all of the ingredients. Lastly sprinkle in the spices and stir the vegetables well. Continue to cook until the carrots have softened, about another 5 minutes. Serve as a side dish or as a main meal with some steamed white rice, it’s delicious as a vegan meal or snack.

carrot; green; greens; edible; tops; salad; snack; spicy; shredded; onion; garlic; warm; side dish; healthy; vegan; vegetable; organic
Haha, I just noticed that October has been a very orange/yellow food color month here on Spicie Foodie.


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    As we're coming into the more autumnal weather now, we're always on the lookout for some warmer salads. This looks quick, easy and more importantly, tasty. Never tried carrot greens before so it'll be an experiment too.

  2. says

    I love raw veggie salads like this one, all your added flavors sound just perfect with the raw carrots. I think your seasonally colored food is fun and just makes me more hungry:) At least it's healthy!

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    I love eating tons of vegetables and I like them warm in fall. is so hard to find delicious recipes. This is one of my favorites for this season. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey Nancy! This salad sounds delicious. I might actually make it in a minute. I need to make something for dinner as Cauldron Boy will be home soon, and I have a lot of carrots;)!
    p.s. sorry for taking so long to comment here. I've been away from the computer all week trying to get my garden started…

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    Awesome recipe! Carrot and ginger belong together. A well deserved top 9! Congrats.

    Oh, and thanks for the link (Carrot Museum). The last time I made carrots I started wondering about the greens. Once I was sure they weren't poisonous I tasted a bit. They're a bit bitter but they have an unmistakable carrot flavor.

    Matt Kay

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    This is such a good recipe! I love a good carrot salad, it's such a healthy addition to a meal and a good bulker without adding many calories, but I've not thought to make a warm version before. Awesome, thank you! Also, yay orange :)

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    That really does look like a perfect carrot salad – fairly simple but more substantial than you might expect from a carrot salad. What impresses me even more, though, is that you found a use for the carrot tops! I have never even thought to use them … good thinking!

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    I had no idea there was a Carrot Museum! How cool! This recipe looks cheerful, I love the yellow/orange colors, especially as we approach chillier days.


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