February’s YBR Signup Announcement (Please notice the Changes)

Another month is coming to an end and you know what that means, it’s time for another edition of Your Best Recipes. I love and look forward to this every month. This month I’ve had to make one change to the rules. There will be no more Linky tool signup for the time being. If you would like to participate please state so in the comments section. If you express interest in participating I will add your name and blogs name and url to the end of this post below mine. Until I figure out wether the Linky tool is worth the money to use or get an alternative this is how the sign up will go. Join us again this month!

Here are the rules to participate in February’s YBR.
Show me Your Best Recipes
Your Best Recipe, a monthly roundup of your best recipes hosted by Spicie Foodie. There are no limitations as to what you can submit, anything goes. No limits on your kitchen nor photography skill, everyone is invited to join. This is not a competition, it is just a showcase of great food being cooked all over the world. And here is how you can participate :

Requirements to participate:
1. It has to be a recipe that you published in February, and it has to be a recipe that you feel was your favorite one posted that month. It can be anything your heart desires. Your submitted recipe can be your own creation or one that you adapted from another foodie, just give them credit on your post.

2. Sign up to February’s roundup by leaving a comment saying you’d like to participate. I will add your name and your url to the list of participants below. **The Linky tool is disabled for the time being**.

3. You must choose and display any of the following badges to invite your visitors to the roundup being hosted here.
Right click images to save or get code to embed on your site here:

Your Best Recipes
The badge below, you can add a small thumb of your dish. If you need help or would like the PSD file just shoot me an email, or read the tutorial here YBR Badge Tutorial (how to insert your photo). Some participants like to use this badge below on a new blog post inviting their readers to see the roundup.
Your Best Recipes
This small button can be added to a post and/or your blog’s side bar, if you wish.
Your Best Recipes Button

4. By the 26th of February please email me at spiciefoodie (@) gmail.com the following:
1. Your Name, Blog Name, Name and link to your chosen recipe published in February.
2. A small image of your dish. You must own the photo, and it cannot be a creative commons or public domain photo.

On February 28, the last day of the month,I will post the roundup photos with a link to each of your sites and recipes. It would also be good if you invite your readers to the roundup by also posting a new blog entry or mentioning your participation in a new post (the last day of the month or after) on your blogs with a YBR badge and a link to the roundup here on Spicie Foodie. This way we can all help spread the YBR submitted love around even more!

If you need any help or clarifications post a comment or send me an email. I’ll make sure to post a reminder as we get closer to the deadline.

~ Magic of Spice, The Ardent Epicure
~ Belinda, Zomppa
~ Tiffany, Como Water
~ Laura, Family Spice
~ The Veggie, Veggie Test Kitchen
~ Anncoo, Anncoo Journal
~ Gourment, *please contact me with your link**
~ Victoria, Mission: Food
~ Maya, Foodiva
~ Priscilla, She’s Cookin’
~ Sommer J., A Mama With Flavor


  1. says

    @Alisha, Great:)

    @Sandra, Hehe, I just saw your email too :)

    @Eva, I'll email you with some information, and glad to have you joining us :)

    @Citra, Hehe:)

    @Belinda, Fantastic :)

  2. says

    @Laura, The Veggie, Ann, Claudia, Brindusa, Patty, Gina, and Victoria, Thank you ladies for joining us again this month. I have added your names and links to the participants above.

    @Gourment, Hi could you give me your name and the link to your blog please? Thank you and glad to have you joining us :)

  3. says

    Nancy, I missed participating in last month's YBR but I'm definitely not going to miss it this month. Count me in, I'll email you my best recipe soon… as soon as I've figured out which one that is!

  4. says

    @Sandra, Yes but it's great!

    @Lizzy, Welcome and I'll be waiting for your information. I've added you to the list above.

    @Mardi, Glad to have you joining us again. Your name was also added to the list above.

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