2012 Calendar and A Giveaway

I’ve been receiving some emails asking if I will be releasing a 2012 Spicie Foodie Calendar. Well, today I can answer that, Yes. So here it is the 2012 Spicie Foodie Calendar.
Food Calendar; Spicie Foodie; 2012; calendar; blogadera; calendario; comidaSupport independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.It is now available for international orders here, 2012 Spicie Foodie Calendar – 12 months of vibrant food photographs to welcome each month of 2012. *I am running a special offer for Spicie Foodie readers to receive 25% off! But in addition to this 25% off Lulu (the publisher) is running a sale of their own, if you enter this code NINECAL you’ll receive an additional 15% off!*
Food Calendar; Spicie Foodie; 2012; calendar; blogadera; calendario; comida
You can preview the whole calender here, 2012 Spicie Foodie Calendar
Food Calendar; Spicie Foodie; 2012; calendar; blogadera; calendario; comida

*Now for the giveaway. This giveaway will only be open to YBR participants.(The next giveaway will be open to everyone.) I am hosting this giveaway as a way of saying thank you to all of you who have participated in the monthly YBR roundups. The rules are as follows:

– You must have participated in at least one YBR event/roundup
– This is a worldwide giveaway, meaning will ship anywhere.
– Leave your name below and say you’ve participated in YBR and that you are entering the draw.
– Your prize will be to choose either 1 copy of the 2012 Spicie Foodie Calendar or 1 copy of An Epiphany of the Senses, my cookbook.

The winner will be announced on November’s YBR roundup! The winner will be chosen either by Chachi or by Random.org will keep you posted.
Food Calendar; Spicie Foodie; 2012; calendar; blogadera; calendario; comida

If you aren’t eligible to enter the draw you can still purchase the calendar or cookbook, both make great gifts for those foodies (gourmands) on your holiday gift list :)
Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.


  1. says

    Congratulations, gorgeous looking calendar! I’d love to enter, and have participated in the October 2011 YBR. I’ve loved the experience and the wonderful recipes everyone shared :)

  2. says

    Wow, your pictures amaze me, you have such an incredible eye for photography! I would love to see a tutorial on composition, but I fear it might just come naturally to you, and in that case, I am in trouble. lol I would love to join in the giveaway too! I’ve joined two YBRs so far, September and October.

  3. says

    You have stunning photography skills. I would love to participate, in fact I like your idea of hosting thisYBR roundup and giveaways for YBR participants. Once again congrats for all the good work.

  4. says

    What a great gift idea and stunning photographs as usual, Nancy! No wonder you’ve been busy, you’ve been creating beautiful side projects as this :-). You know I’m a YBR junkie and it’s nice of you to have this giveaway just for YBR-ers (another new word). I just want to say in return thank YOU for being a wonderful host and friend!

  5. says

    Che bel calendario e che belle foto, il mese di novembre poi una delizia!!……….io sono nata a novembre!!
    Complimenti per il tuo bellissimo blog e per le tue ricette.
    Ciao Ily.

  6. says

    Wow! That is SO cool! Thank you SO much for the opportunity! I’m happy to say that I started participating in YBR in September!

  7. says

    what an awesome giveaway Nancy the pics are drool worthy – DO count me in and enter my name in the draw ! Yup I have been part of more than one YBR and am glad i am able to do so ! Greetings & Wishes to you to bring so much cheer all around !


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