Sunday Snapshots: My First Pitaya, aka Dragon Fruit

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Pitaya, also know as pithaya or dragon fruit, is a type of cactus fruit. They are native to Mexico, Central America, South America and are also cultivated in East and Southeast Asian countries1. It is a mildly sweet fruit with an intense outer color. The most common variety has an outer skin color of vibrant pink or fuschia, though there are also yellow colored pityas.

fruit; fresh; raw; organic; pitaya; pithaya; dragon fruit; asian; catcus fruit; tuna; red; pink; white; grey; Spicie Foodie; Sunday Snapshots

Depending on the variety of pitaya, cutting open the tender fruit will reveal either an intense pink/red, white or, as in my case, a greyish fruit color. The juicy fruit flesh is splattered with edible little black seeds. The smell is of a mildly sweet summer fruit.

To eat a pitaya you must separate the inside from the other skin by peeling it away or scooping out the fruity flesh. The fruit can be enjoyed like so on its own, blended into a drink, served alongside other fruits for a salad, or if you creative enough pitaya can also be used as a cooking ingredient.

fruit; fresh; raw; organic; pitaya; pithaya; dragon fruit; asian; catcus fruit; tuna; red; pink; white; grey; Spicie Foodie; Sunday Snapshots

This was my first time eating pitaya. I bought one for hubby and I to share and try out. To enjoy the full flavors of the pitaya we ate it on its own. I sliced the fruit in half, used a spoon to scoop around the inside, then cut it up into bite size pieces.

As we ate the pitaya we spoke about the mildly sweet flavor. In a way it reminds you of eating a kiwi with all the little seeds, but it doesn’t taste like one. Since this is a cactus fruit it will also remind you of a tuna or prickly pear fruit. I grew up eating those and though the looks and texture were quite similar the flavor of a tuna is more memorable than the pitaya. In the end we agreed that it most resembled a juicy piece of melon. Hubby said he found it to have a slight tart aftertaste.

The verdict, we both like it, I more than he. Next time I hope to find the variety with the bright pink inside. I hear that variety is slightly more flavorful than the white or greyish variety we had.

fruit; fresh; raw; organic; pitaya; pithaya; dragon fruit; asian; catcus fruit; tuna; red; pink; white; grey; Spicie Foodie; Sunday Snapshots

How about you, have you ever tried pitaya or dragon fruit? Did you enjoy it? Do share.

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. says

    Loved reading about dragon fruit which I have never tried myself, now I’m curious! The cubes of fruit look so juicy, fresh and appealing in your photos;-)

  2. says

    I found one at the store the other day, but did not get it. I should have though:-) My friend had shared about them, and how delicious they are:-) Your pictures make me want some:-) Take care, Terra

  3. says

    I LOVE pitayas! In the small town where I live, in Mexico, we have the “other” kind of pitaya. They are only in season throughout the month of May. We can never get enough of the sweet, brightly colored fruits.

    I had only read about this kind of pitaya. Last year we lucked upon some at the market. Ours were also gray on the inside. The taste was kind of sour compared to the pitayas we are used to.

    Your photos are stunning!

  4. says

    We have been eating lots of dragon fruit since moving to Thailand! It doesn’t have much of an exciting taste, but it’s just so pretty that it makes it a treat to eat in my book. I’m looking forward to using it in salads and drinks. Lovely photos as usual!

  5. says

    love dragonfruit! went to vietnam a few years ago and the best part was eating all the exotic fresh fruits!! i probably ate a few of these a day while vacationing there!

  6. says

    I’ve tried dragon fruit only once I think, intrigued by the very exotic appearance, but I do remember it tasted a bit bland… I think I should go and try it all over again :)

  7. says

    I am so happy I found your website while visiting Nami-san’s. Your photos are beautiful and we love dragon fruit. I live in Hong Kong so we can have it regularly. Take Care, BAM

      • Patty says

        We tried dragonfruit for the first time. It is a stunnung fruit. I however was disappointed by thr bland flavor. Ours was the greyish white variety. Any suggestions to bring out more flavor? I hate to put sugar on it as I don’t want to ruin it. Suggestions?

  8. says

    I’ve never had dragon fruit but recently read about it on someone else’s post. I think it’s the most beautiful fruit I’ve ever seen. I think I will see if Whole Foods carries it otherwise I’m not sure where I’d locate it.

    Please tell me how you took this photo to get the black background? It’s stunning!

  9. says

    One of my favorite fruits when I visit my in-laws in Taiwan. So pretty to look at and very unique flavor. It’s very interesting that colors are so vivid outside and inside is very simple black and white. Your photos are just so gorgeous..!

  10. says

    gorgeous photos of this unusual fruit, you have a great talent for photography. Thank you for your sweet comment about my friend passing, I appreciate it so much.

  11. says

    I love love love dragon fruit! The funny thing is, I am one of the few crazy about that fruit because of its mild flavor. But something about it just tastes so refreshing, especially in the summertime! Beautiful shots as always.

  12. says

    Yum! These look delicious! Do you know when they are in season? I’d love to try one. :) These pictures are absolutely stunning too!! I love the polka dot plate.

    • says


      Where I live, central Europe, they start showing up around late winter and early spring. I’m sure you could find exact dates for regions on Google. Thank you :)

  13. says

    I have been thinking a lot about dragon fruit lately! Been seeing it on shows and reading about it, but sadly have never tried it as I haven’t come across it yet. Hoping I do one day soon!

  14. says

    Such gorgeous photos! I do love dragon fruit :) I did an ice cream with it once and it was seriously delicious :) I have not found the pink/red variety as of yet, but heard the same reviews on it.

    • says

      A dragon fruit ice cream sounds amazing! They ran out of dragon fruit at my green grocers so hopefully I’ll have it again to give the ice cream a try.


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