Spicie Roasted Potatoes, Vegan

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I love the way Czechs pronounce the word potatoes. They pronounce the po as in polite, the ta as in take, and toes as in toast. Go on pronounce it out load the Czech way, po-tay-toes. Don’t you love the way it sounds? I just love hearing central and Eastern Europeans pronounce this word. Sometimes I’ll go long periods of time pronouncing the word like they do.

No matter how you pronounce it potatoes are one awesome carb. You can do so much with potatoes. You can boil, bake, roast, mash, and fry potatoes. You can’t do that with too many vegetables. There are many ways of preparing potatoes and even more varieties. (My dream is to come across purple potatoes.) Potatoes are actually quite healthy it is the ways they are cooked that make them unhealthy. Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates, low in fat, low in calories, have no cholesterol, are rich in fiber, copper, zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6.

recipe; healthy; low fat; low calories; potatoes; roasted; spicy; spicy roasted potatoes; cayenne; chile powder; oven baked; fries; wedges; spicie foodie

I have a weakness for potatoes, particularly in the french fry form. But the frying method neither agrees with my tummy or waistline. So the french fries (or any fried food for that matter) intake has to be kept to a bare minimum. Fortunately there are so many great ways of satisfying my love and weakness for potatoes. Most times when I want a potato side dish my first choice is roasting. But you know me and of course the potatoes have to have spices and a little kick.

The previous recipe I shared, Hubby’s Grilled Bratwurst and Sauerkraut Sandwich, we had these potatoes on the side. They are super easy and relatively fast to prepare.

recipe; healthy; low fat; low calories; potatoes; roasted; spicy; spicy roasted potatoes; cayenne; chile powder; oven baked; fries; wedges; spicie foodie

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Spicie Roasted Potatoes (Vegan)

potatoes, peeled and cut into wedges
good quality olive oil
granulated garlic
ground black pepper

Spice amounts are to taste, I didn’t measure just go by feeling

Preheat oven to 220c or 428f, line or prepare baking sheet.

1. Mix all the spices in a small bowl until well combined. Rub the potato wedges with olive oil then sprinkle spices over them. Toss until the potatoes are well coated. Spread over a baking sheet and roast in center of oven for 30-40 minutes. Gently stir now and then to prevent burning.

recipe; healthy; low fat; low calories; potatoes; roasted; spicy; spicy roasted potatoes; cayenne; chile powder; oven baked; fries; wedges; spicie foodie

We really love these potatoes because they are slightly crispy on the outside and soft inside. But also the cayenne adds a delicious spicyness. I hope you give them a try soon.

This past Monday I told you it was Joanie’s hatching day and today is Chachi’s. He (or she, more on that another time) is also turning one. Oh how fast the Minions grow.

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  1. says

    I love potatoes, and I roast mine all the time lately, because it’s the easiest way to cook them :-). And I love that cute corn-like peeler :-).

    Also, your minons are very mignons. It’s funny that you say he or she. I don’t know the full story about them, but when I was a kid I had a couple of parakeets. I was expecting babies for years, but they just kept fighting with each other. Until one day the female flew away. We went to buy another female and the salesman asked why we needed a female if we already had one. It turned out we had 2 females all along and did not know :-)

  2. says

    Okay…. I’m sitting here saying “po-tay-toes” like 20x out loud. LOL! I love these “po-tay-toes” and I think roasted potatoes are my favorite way to enjoy them. Now I must stop saying “po-tay-toes” like this or my husband may think something is wrong with me. :)

  3. says

    I love roasted potatoes,Looks perefectly Yummy with simple spices ingredients,I’m agree good quality olive oil make tatste better :)

  4. says

    These baked potatoes look gorgeous. You are right when you say that potatoes are actually healthy. It’s the way it cooked that makes them unhealthy. Oven roasting the potatoes is a healthy way of eating them.

  5. says

    How do you say potatoes? I think I’ve always said the word like you spelled out po-tay-toe. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, you take gorgeous photos. Just last summer I started wedging my potatoes and roasting or grilling. I agree, so many flavor possibilities. And I love the texture. My last adventure was dipping them in ranch dressing and roasting. Don’t know if that idea came from your blog, or somewhere else, but it was gooooo-od.

    • says

      Hi Lea Ann,

      Perhaps I didn’t translate it so well. You didn’t get that idea from my blog, but OMG ranch dressing and potatoes was my teenage addiction. You’ve got my craving it now:) Thank you!

  6. says

    Like Lea Ann, that’s how we in New Zealand say potatoes too. How else can it be said? Potatoes are one of our staple carbs here as most of the settlers to New Zealand were of Anglo Saxon origin. We have the Irish thing about potatoes and most New Zealanders cook them every night in one form or another. In our family, I use a wide variety of different carbs but potatoes, especially the way you have cooked them, is one of our favourites.

    • says

      Like I said to Lea Ann,

      Perhaps I didn’t translate it so well. You know the funny thing is that people think potatoes originated from that region, but in fact they come from South America. Anyway, I love potatoes and think it’s great you eat them so often. Thanks!

  7. says

    These look delicious and I love spicy. Roasted does make a crispy outside with a nice soft inside. Lovely photo, looks delish..

  8. says

    We eat a ton of potatoes…and your spicy roasted version sounds marvelous!! I may make these with our burgers for dinner tomorrow :)

  9. says

    Nice recipe … but I am curious: How do *you* pronounce ‘potatoes’? Your rendition of the Czech sounds pretty much like the way I grew up pronouncing it in England and Canada.

  10. says

    These potatoes look like comfort food to me–very inviting. And I, like you, would so love to find some purple potatoes. Mind you, I’d be happy with some Red Russets!

  11. Eha says

    Am saying po-tay-toes! Huh!! Of course that is how you pronounce the humble spud? Please, will someone put me wise! [I better not add these have not been on the menu for some 30+ years! Oops, now I’ve done it!!] .

  12. says

    Me too… I have serious potato addiction and it’s my dad’s gene! Anyway, it’s great to hear potatoes are good for us – as we hear potatoes in negative way almost… I can’t wait to try this one, paprika and cayenne pepper. Sounds good!

  13. says

    mmmmmmm I love roasted potatoes. I’m making some tonight – maybe I’ll use your recipe. The sandwich looked excellent too, I just didn’t get a chance to comment on it.

    I thought that was the way to pronounce potatoes though. Is it that they put an emphasis on each syllable?

  14. says

    Simple, straightforward ingredients let individual flavors shine. Your photos did a great job showing the crisp edges of the potatoes, my imagination had no problem with the soft centers. YUM!

  15. says

    i liked your peeler. i could not figure it out first properly whether its a corn cob or something else. a second look closely made me realise its a peeler :-)
    loved the photos and happy hatching day to chachi.

  16. says

    Western New York pronounces potato the same way. We were settled by Eastern Europeans, so it’s probably no great surprise however.

    I’m going to put these on my recipe rotation. I only like starches when they’re heavily flavored.

  17. says

    Yummy! I’ve been on a forced blog break for a while (I missed YBR too!) and I am now catching up with all my favorite blogs :) This is a lovely recipe… I make something quite similar but I love the way you’ve cut them into wedges. I generally just cube them but this looks nicer. I am going to try your way next time! Thanks for sharing :)

  18. says

    ha! i love that bird. that is a great pic. and yummm these look so good! and healthy too! i am tired of the anti carb wave that has led to so many people backing off the potato. the potato is a gift from the gods, and i embrace it. i’m glad you do too.

  19. says

    These look incredible! I am starving now and will have to go buy some potatoes :) Beautiful photos as always! And Happy Birthday to Chachi…my fast indeed!


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