Meatball Subs, Movie Night and UnoTelly

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Recipe, Meatball Sandwich, fast, easy, movie night dinner, Spicie Foodie

Meatballs, I used to hate them. When I say hate I mean the mere sight of a meatball repulsed me. If a meatball covered in red sauce and jammed inside a roll ever crossed my path it made my body quiver in disgust. These repulsive feelings towards meatballs were to blame on grade school cafeteria food. Much like the story of Sloppy Joe’s, I previously shared, our history started off badly. Every time I saw someone order or eat meatballs covered in sauce it was pure torture. I would flash back to the cafeteria meatballs that the lunch ladies forced me to eat. During those years I was still learning English and I couldn’t explain to them that those “meat” balls tasted like ground cardboard swimming in bland tomato juice. I could never understand why anyone enjoyed putting those meatballs in their mouths.

Recipe, Meatball Sandwich, fast, easy, movie night dinner, Spicie Foodie

For years after grade school and up until my early 20s meatballs were something I avoided like the plague. But that all changed when hubby cooked his special meatball sandwich for me. I admit there was huge hesitation on my part but I trusted my husband and agreed to try them. Hubby’s meatballs were tender, juicy and the sauce thick, tangy and sweet with a hint of spiciness. (Why does that all sound so perverted? Don’t laugh…Lol) I loved the meatball sub so much that for a month I requested it for dinner every week.

Recipe, Meatball Sandwich, fast, easy, movie night dinner, Spicie Foodie

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Hubby’s Meatball Sub Sauce
240 g tomato paste
1 tsp oregano
1.5 tsp granulated garlic
1-2 tsp cayenne, adjust to taste
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper

cooked meatballs, I like to make meatballs from scratch but you can also purchase ready made from the butcher.
Provolone cheese or Gorgonzola, any mild Italian Cheese

1. Cook the meatballs through, and drain off all excess fat from pan. Mix in all the sauce ingredients, stirring until well combined. Cover and allow to cook until the tomato paste thickens. Serve the meatballs in sub rolls or baguettes. Top with cheese slices and if desired place under broiler to melt the cheese. Serve with desired side dishes. We served ours with potato croquettes.

Recipe, Meatball Sandwich, fast, easy, movie night dinner, Spicie Foodie

One day he taught me how to make them and now every once in a while I’ll make them for us. What I love about hubby’s recipe is that it is so fast and easy to prepare but you’d guess it took a long time. Don’t think that the tomato paste will give it a sweet taste,  the addition of cayenne and garlic help balance it completely. Plus using the paste will result in shorter cooking times. This meal is perfect for nights when you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking dinner, like movie night. We have movie night a few nights a week and this meal is on our movie night rotation. Which brings me to UnoTelly.

UnoTelly, DNS service

Last week we added a fantastic service to our movie night choices, UnoTelly. Because of UnoTelly we can now watch TV programs, and movies we previously didn’t have access to. You see since we live in Europe many of the online services you in the USA have access to, we in Europe are blocked from. (Two of those being Netflix and Hulu, major services for those of us that want to watch TV or movies on demand.) But now because of UnoTelly we can access Netflix, Hulu, TV shows, sport channels, music channels, and now I can also watch the Food Network – wohoo!

UnoTelly, DNS service

UnoTelly is a DNS-based system to allow people who live outside of the USA to watch Netflix and Hulu. UK expats can on the other hand enjoy British channels (BBC iPlayer, 4oD, iTV, Channel 5) they miss. The service is great because you can also connect your computer, smartphone, TV, xbox 360, WII, Android, iPad, AppleTV, Roku, and many other devices. We’ve connected all of our devices and so far I can say we love UnoTelly. I also really loved that I was able to connect all our devices by myself without having to ask for help, it was super easy. The low price and unlimited bandwidth is another fantastic thing about UnoTelly. The low price of UnoTelly combined with our Netflix membership cost was still much lower than our monthly cost of movie rentals and cinema tickets. Need I mention the whole convenience factor? Now we don’t have to work around other’s schedule, we choose when and how often to watch what we want-can’t beat that!

UnoTelly, DNS service

Please come back on Monday when I’ll have a very special UnoTelly offer for international Spicie Foodie readers. Have a great weekend everyone!

*The opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with UnoTelly services.


  1. says

    WOWOWOW!!!! This looks so good! Every time I stop by your site to see whats cooking you always seem to amaze me. Great pictures, great meal, great everything! Happy Friday!

  2. says

    I totally agree with you. These shouldn’t be served in school cafeterias! Look at what we’ve been missing out on. I felt that way about “Shepherd’s Pie”. It looks horrible and it was years later that I realized I loved the dish. It’s on my list of fall dishes to make this year.

    • says

      Hi Sarah,
      Hehe, I thought I was the only one who felt that way:) Sheppherd’s Pie is one of my favorites now too. Can’t wait to see it on your blog in the fall.

  3. Mei-i @ gastronomic nomad says

    I adore meatball subs!! And unfortunately, I have very fond memories of them from school ESPECIALLY the sloppy joes. I’m still to this day trying to recreate the familiar taste of cafeteria sloppy joes. Maybe the reason why they don’t taste that way are all the fresh ingredients I use. Haha. Thanks for the tip on watching Hulu, etc outside of US! Always such a pain when I travel internationally and will look into short term plans.

    • says

      They really are. We’ve been watching Star Trek: Next Generation, and a few others as well as movies. Do you recommend any shows? We haven’t lived in the USA for a long time so we are out of touch.

  4. says

    I know what you mean about meatballs (and even meatloaf), I used to dislike them. Now I can’t get enough, when interestingly presented, like Hubby’s. Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    Oh my gosh.. you hated meatballs? We are born on the same day and you hated the one thing I love. Too funny! Well I’m glad you hubby’s “meatballs” turned you around! The sub looks amazing!! I am a TV junkie so the more channels the better. :) Enjoy your Movie Night. :)

  6. says

    that top photo is amazing! they’re all good, but that one is really nice. and what is it with men and sandwiches? they are just geniuses, somehow. these look wonderful.

  7. says

    I saw my husband ordered meatballs sandwich before but I didn’t get to try how it’s like to eat meatballs in sandwich buns. I’ve never paid close attention to this sandwich but looking at your food, I think I need to give it a try next time. It does look delicious! Must make homemade sauce! Looks yum!

  8. says

    I can see how this sauce could bring you to “meatball love”! Gorgeous sandwich in which I have no doubt my boys would devour multiples of! And how cool with the movie service! I steam Netflix on my Blue-ray and see many of the older movies…will send you suggestions when I see something I think you would enjoy ;)

  9. says

    Poppa Trix would LOVE this for dinner! You are right – all men love meatballs. But then, so do I … and yes, it does sound a little dirty but maybe that’s why I like it ; )

  10. says

    Didn’t like meatballs??? I’m so glad hubby was able to convert you, I love them piled high on a sub. It’s so cool you can watch some of our shows now. I missed coming over here.


  1. […] On Friday I told you all about my new favorite service, UnoTelly. To refresh your memories, UnoTelly is the great service that will help those of us living outside of the USA access Netflix, Hulu and many more American media channels. I’ve had their service for almost two weeks and I can’t recommend it enough. My friends over at UnoTelly have been kind enough to run a very special promotion for Spicie Foodie readers. They have given me 20 discount coupon cards to pass on to you all. The coupon is for 25% off. UnoTelly’s prices are all ready very low ($4.95 or  $7.95 a month) and with the 25% off coupon code this is a bargain! […]

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