Sunday Snapshots: Four Fruits, Four Photos

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Sunday Snapshots, fruits, summer, Photography, Spicie Foodie

Today I’d like to share four photos of four different fruits.

What are your favorite summertime fruits? If I had to choose…I would say berries are my favorite summer fruits. Unfortunately the season is too short.

Sunday Snapshots, fruits, summer, Photography, Spicie Foodie

I know it isn’t pear season for us in the Northern Hemisphere. But for some reason during this time we have a lot of pears show up alongside the other seasonal fruits. Most likely the pears are imported.

Sunday Snapshots, fruits, summer, Photography, Spicie Foodie

Even though berries are my favorite I never turn down apricots or merunky as they are called in Czech.

Sunday Snapshots, fruits, summer, Photography, Spicie Foodie

I love summer and the  abundance of juicy fruits. Happy Sunday everyone! I’ll have a recipe for you tomorrow.


*Photography notes*
A great way of practicing your photography is by snapping simple shots of single ingredients. It’s also a good idea to try out different colors and background settings. By doing so you’ll start developing a better eye for how certain foods photograph best. As you can see with the apricot photos I’ve done just that. Honestly I couldn’t decide what background I liked best. Thought the lighter isn’t my typical style I quite liked it. In the pear shot I changed it into a black and white photo. Additionally I added some photo grain to achieve a rougher retro look.
All photos where shot on my balcony using indirect sunlight. Both apricot shots the light was from behind, no reflector used. The berries photo light was from the front, no reflector used. In the pear photo light came from the left side, also no reflector used. 


  1. says

    I love all the photos, but it’s especially fun to see the pear in black in white, since most food photos are in color. Favorite summer fruit is so hard to choose…I love berries too, but nectarines hold a special place in my hert since we had a tree growing up :-)

  2. says

    I think both apricot shots are equally interesting but create completely different atmospheres. It’s interesting that there is not much in the way of shadows with the back lighting – the light must have been very soft. Down here, our light is much harsher than in the northern hemisphere. My mother (an artist) had never completely understood how Monet got his soft light into his paintings until she travelled to see me in Italy and saw it for herself. Diffusers are a photographer’s best friends down here.

    • says

      Thank you Suzanne. Yes, I get very soft light. It’s not direct and also my balcony and window faces north. Which you may already know that for us in the northern hemisphere north facing window light is the best. I’ve also noticed that on humid days it creates an extra softness to the light. Diffusing your light will definitely help with shadows.

  3. says

    I love all the pics, but especially the white background apricots. Orange is such a happy color and it’s a little happier and lighthearted with the white background :-)

  4. says

    Thanks for the photography tips! I really need to work on my plating and “placing” when I shoot my food. Nice to know you shoot on your balcony.

  5. says

    Great tips. I recently learned about background color as well. Some food stands out nicer in lighter/darker background. I just need more practice to figure out… your photos are always beautiful Nancy!

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