Burrata with Heirloom Tomato Raspberry Basil and Mint Salad, A Guest Post by Patty’s Food

Today I have another special guest joining the blogoversary celebrations, my sweet friend Patty of Patty’s Food. I’ve always loved everything Patty shares on her blog. But the thing that keeps me going back is her down to earth approach. Every visit leaves me inspired to cook or bake along, and badly wishing I could do an internship for her. I am so happy to have Patty joining my third blogoversary celebrations. Take it away Patty.

Burrata with Heirloom Tomato Raspberry Basil and Mint Salad, Patty's Food, Spicie Foodie

When I think of the 3rd blogoversary of Spice Foodie, I think about Nancy-the creative force behind one of my favorite blogs. I think about the beautiful colors, staging and lighting in her photography as well as the ease of her writing style which always feels so natural on these pages. I also feel hungry because her recipes and pictures have a tendency to do that to me. When Nancy asked me to help her celebrate by creating a guest post I thought, of course that would be fun and I would be honored to contribute to the birthday festivities! I also looked back a few years to the time when I first met Nancy of Spicie Foodie. I don’t know if she remembers that  but I received my very first blogging award here and I remember thinking, Wow, that’s such an honor, now what do I do with it? Well, I finally figured out what to do with it- pass it on and make other deserving bloggers feel good about the work they’re doing, just like Nancy does continues to do with her monthly YBR feature. I see a theme here, kindness, friendship, always the most delicious food and I will venture to say spiced to perfection at every meal!

I’ve thought many times that I hope to meet Nancy in person and that wouldn’t it be wonderful to share a meal together someday. I’ve been inspired many times by Spice Foodie and once again I found inspiration to create an appetizer that I could share with friends in my home. I created a simple dish that starts with Burrata- a fresh Italian cheese made with mozzarella and cream, which is quickly appearing on menus everywhere around here in Northern California where I live. I’ve served it up with a few farmers market finds, heirloom tomatoes and raspberries, as well as a handful of fresh herbs from my garden. I whisked homemade raspberry vinegar into a fruity extra virgin olive oil and generously spooned this colorful mixture over the Burrata with the herbed heirloom tomato raspberry salad- it was the perfect finishing touch. Next time I promise to provide crackers or baguette slices for the Burrata- along with a glass of wine!

A bottle of homemade raspberry mint vinegar is my virtual hostess gift for your blogoversary Nancy, I hope you enjoy the recipe and when you visit California- to meet all your friends, of course- I will happily give you your own real bottle of homemade vinegar.

Burrata with Heirloom Tomato Raspberry Basil and Mint Salad, Patty's Food, Spicie Foodie

Burrata with Heirloom Tomato Raspberry Basil and Mint Salad

Ingredients and Directions

Burrata cheese, large enough to share
1 large or 2 small heirloom tomatoes, cut in small chunks
1 cup raspberries
¼ cup small torn pieces basil and mint
Basil and Mint sprigs

For The Dressing
3 tablespoons fruity extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons raspberry mint vinegar (recipe to follow)
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Place the tomatoes, raspberries and torn pieces of herbs in a medium bowl, gently tossing to mix. Make the dressing by placing the olive oil in a small bowl and whisking in the raspberry vinegar, season with salt and pepper. Place the Burrata cheese on a plate and cut in half. Spoon the tomato salad around the Burrata cheese and drizzle with the dressing before serving. Season with additional salt and pepper, if desired. Serve slices of Burrata with salad on crackers or slices of baguette.

Burrata with Heirloom Tomato Raspberry Basil and Mint Salad, Patty's Food, Spicie Foodie

Raspberry Mint Vinegar

Ingredients and Directions

2 cups white balsamic vinegar, I used Trader Joe’s brand
1&1/2 cups raspberries, crushed
¼ cup fresh mint leaves, rinsed, dried and torn in small pieces

In a medium saucepan over low heat, warm the vinegar until hot but not simmering, do not boil. Remove the vinegar from the heat. Place the raspberries and mint in a large bowl, pour in the warm vinegar and stir to combine. Set aside to cool. When cool place the vinegar mixture in a container that seals with a lid. Refrigerate for at least 2 weeks, can go longer- up to 4 weeks for a stronger flavor. I found 2 weeks to be strong enough.
Gently give the container a shake every few days to blend the flavors. Strain the vinegar through a fine mesh sieve and then through a coffee filter. Pour the vinegar into a glass bottle or small jars and cover tightly, store vinegar at room temperature for up to 2 months.

Makes 2 cups, enough for yourself and a friend.

Raspberry Mint Vinegar, Patty's Food, Spicie Foodie


Thank you so much Patty for your constant friendship and support, it has been an honor having you here. When I make it to California we’ll have that meal and I’ll gladly take you up on the vinegar gift;)


Recipe and photography by Patty Price and PattysFood.com 

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  1. says

    What a lovely guest post – I love that most of Patty’s posts revolve around seasonal eating, something I strive to do. Burrata is a favorite of mine and the raspberry mint vinegar is so beautiful!

  2. Mei-I @ gastronomic nomad says

    What a lovely guest post! Happy third blogaversary!! It’s a milestone. Burrata is so delicious and I can’t wait to try that raspberry mint vinegar.

  3. says

    Lovely guest post…I love the idea of adding raspberries…nice dressing, such a lovely twist to the classic recipe. Patty is awesome!
    I hope you are having a great week and nice meeting you Nancy :)

  4. says

    I love pairing fruit with cheese in a salad, and this one looks extra special. Super flavors, and it’s so pretty! Good recipe, good post – thanks.

  5. says

    Just lovely! I’m especially inspired by the salad dressing! I can think of so many things it would be good with. Great photos, too!

  6. says

    Hi Nancy, Thanks for asking me to do a guest post for Spice Foodie, it was fun and I appreciate everyone’s support and comments, thanks again!

  7. says

    So fun to see Patty here! She makes the most fabulous (and gorgeous) dishes and this is no exception! I adore burrata and will put it on my shopping list…I’ve just been inspired :) Thank you both! xo

  8. says

    We don’t have burrata here but it looks like mozzarella and that’s also hard to find here so I am feeling very jealous since those fresh cheeses are my favourites. But we are going back to Italy at the end of September for a few days so I will get my fill then.

    • says

      Hi Suzanne,
      I’m beginning to think that Burrata is not imported here either, can’t find it anywhere. Luckily mozzarella is everywhere. Enjoy your trip to Italy!

  9. Eha says

    So simple and sophisticated: a true case of where less is more! Love the idea of raspberries and tomatoes together and the plating really brings out the warm weather colour! The raspberry mint vinegar is already on the ‘to do’ list! And now over to Patty’s for a discovery tour :) !

  10. says

    Wow, raspberry mint vinegar makes my mouth water!!! Sounds fruity and delicious! Very happy to see Patty’s guest post here, Nancy! I’m a big fan of her site too although I learned her site earlier this year. I’ve never had Burrata cheese before. Looks very interesting and love to try it.

  11. says

    Fabulous post Patty and Nancy. I have though of putting tomatoes together with raspberries and mint but I bet it is lovely with the cheese. Congrats to you Nancy on your 3rd year bloggervarsy. You ladies are so good at what you do and I learn continually from you, thanks for your excellence in blogging.

  12. says

    I am definitely looking for burrata cheese at our local Whole Foods tomorrow (we treat ourselves to something every Friday). It looks absolutely divine. Happy Blogiversary!

  13. says

    Buratta cheese is so creamy, rich, and buttery…so much tastier than the fresh mozzarella!
    Patty always has such beautiful, colorful, and delicious healthy foods, and the photos are just bursting with color in each and every dish she features!
    A wonderful guest post, from two talented ladies!

  14. says

    Buratta is a wonderful ingredient – when our local gourmet store has it in, they announce it on Twitter and Facebook and are usually sold out by day’s end. Patty your salad looks and sounds amazing. Happy blogoversary, Nancy – you’ve found a delicious way to celebrate!

  15. says

    This looks so refreshing and I love that the raspberry balsamic vinegar is so easy to make. I’m going to look for Burrata next time I’m at the cheese shop.

    Also, thank you Nancy for all the information on Prague! We’ll put it to good use and I passed it along to a friend who will be in the city a few weeks after me.

  16. says

    Patty always creates such sensational seasonal dishes! I love the luscious buratta and vibrant tomatoes here – and her homemade raspberry mint vinegar is a wonderful gift to celebrate your blog anniversary. Congrats Nancy!

  17. says

    Came by to catch up and see two of my favorites in action. Love that vinegar, I have to make myself some, or beg Patty for some. She is the sweetest person in real life (like we aren’t real people, lol) and I know you would love her too. Congrats on 3 years.

    • says

      Hi Gina,
      I’ve always had that feeling about Patty, and I’m sure you’re the same way too. Can’t wait to one day meet you both in person. Thanks sweetie, hope all is well.

  18. says

    Mmm, I am a huge fan of burrata. This is just the sort of beautiful post I have come to expect from Patty. Love her blog!


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