Sunday Snapshots: A Little Bit of This and That

Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie

This Sunday I have a little bit of this and that to share. In the three years of being a food blogger I’ve accumulated so many photographs. Often times I shoot just to shoot and not everything makes it onto Spicie Foodie.

Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie

Often times the inspiration strikes at unexpected moments. It can be the simple beauty of ripe seasonal fruits and vegetables, to the comfort of home cooking. I may not have expected it but I do try to capture those moments. I grab my camera and shot.

Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie

Sometimes I snap just one photo, other times I snap up to 20. I try not to push myself or go overboard. I let my emotions dictate what happens with the camera.

Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie

Those sessions can end with one great shot out of 20. All I need is one great shot.

Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie

Other times not a single useable photo comes out of the shooting session.

Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie

It doesn’t matter and it’s never a waste of my time.

Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie

What matters is that I saw the moment, it inspired me and I tried to capture it.


Happy Sunday amigos, I hope your weekend has been great.



  1. says

    Nice stuff. Love the third picture. The more I shoot, the higher my percentage of keepers. Practice never really makes perfect, but at least you get closer.

  2. says

    I just found your site via Holly at Je Mange Toute la France and I have been having a wonderful time looking through your blog. Your photography is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to try out some of your delicious dishes; I will certainly be back :-)

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