Grilled Fish Tostadas

Fish, Tostadas, Spicie Foodie

This summer has turned into a very busy one for me. I’ve been working very hard on a couple of projects, and hopefully will be able to share one of them with you soon. Being that I’m extremely busy with the projects my cooking and free time is quite limited right now. Lately I am cooking many fast meals but still trying to keep them healthy. During busy times like this I find that fish dishes are perfect. Fish is not only fast to prepare but it is always a healthy meal choice. Well, healthy as long as you don’t batter and fry it, or cover it with fatty sauces.

Fish, Tostadas, Spicie Foodie

As you can see these tostadas were made using Nile Perch fillets. You could of course substitute it with a different firm fish of your choice. Wanting to keep the meal light I opted for grilling the fish in a grill pan. If you’re lucky and have an outdoors grilled that would be even better. For the toppings again I kept it light and simple. The pickled red onion and radish salsa is the same one that I used to top my Cochinita Pibil tacos. Please feel free to use your favorite Mexican salsa and toppings for the tostadas. There really isn’t much of a recipe, as it can work with whatever you have in your refrigerator or whatever you are craving. Here’s my non-recipe recipe.

Grilled Nile Perch Fish Tostadas
Nile Perch fillets, more info on Nile Perch here
ground black pepper
olive oil
shredded cabbage
pickled red onion salsa, recipe here
grilled avocados
sour cream

Heat a grill pan or large frying pan, until very hot heat. Rub the fish with salt, pepper, and olive oil. Grill until fish is cooked all the way through. Cut fish into bite size pieces.

To Assemble: Spread a little bit of sour cream on tostada, if desired, arrange the grilled fish pieces on top. Then continue topping with desired toppings.

Fish, Tostadas, Spicie Foodie
See how easy it is? I feel silly giving you a recipe, so use it more as a guide and have fun creating your own grilled fish tostadas. We really enjoyed the light meal. It was also a nice change from the way we normally eat grilled fish. Buen provecho or enjoy!

Fish, Tostadas, Spicie Foodie

A couple of curious visitors stop by when I was shooting the tostada photos. Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


If you rather make tacos instead of tostadas, then check out my Fish Tacos recipe. It is another super easy recipe, perfect for busy days. This recipe by Patty’s Food inspired my grilled avocados Smoky corn & grilled avocado romaine salad with chipotle-caesar dressing.


  1. says

    I can’t wait to hear about your projects!

    Those tostadas must taste wonderful. Summery, healthy and delicious.



  2. says

    I prefer fish without batter because it pretty nuch kills the flavour of the fish. It needs to be treated delicately with complimentary flavours.
    The crunch of the vegetables would be great in this dish together with the soft fish.

  3. Eha says

    Whew!! I was worried as to whether you got to taste the very appetizing fish until I read your reply to Michelle :) ! Hopefully Joanie and Chachi know their place is not on the edge of the plate :D ! Tho’ I would not blame them if they had an occasional ‘go': fish thus grilled with crispy fresh things from the fridge or garden is wonderful both summer and winter – guess what I had for lunch today? And it’s about 8 degrees C here!!

    • says

      Hehe, no fish for my birds:) Though now I’m wondering if they can eat fish? They only eat on their designated cage area. Yummy, your lunch sounds delicious. Brrr that is too cold for me.

  4. says

    Hi Nancy! Your grilled fish tacos are calling my name! Thanks for the shout out, you are very generous;-) I have to make your recipe for my grandson who is the biggest fan of fish tacos that I know;-)

  5. says

    Yum, I’ll take both tostadas and a taco. It was a 100 degrees here today, so lighter is better. Can’t wait to hear what the projects are. I see my friends are looking especially cute today.

  6. says

    Yum! I love the Mexican colors in these pictures. Your styling is really amazing. You always make your photos interesting and fun. I am bored at my photos and I’m sure my readers feel the same way as I feel so! Sigh!


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