Sunday Snapshots: Postcards From Prague No. 4

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

Today on Sunday Snapshots I’m taking you on a mini tour of Prague. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Every corner you turn, building you look up at, side walk or street you walk down has an intriguing detail. When I go for a walk around Prague I like to imagine all the history that happened in the places I am seeing. I imagine what it was like during different periods of time, what were peoples lives like. It is easy to get lost and caught up in both the history and the beauty of this golden city.

The first photo you see is the top of The Church of Mother of God before Týn (also know as Tyn Church) it is located in Prague’s Old Town Square. The church is Gothic style and construction began in the 14th century.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

This collage is of the Jan Hus Memorial, also located in Prague’s Old Town Square. It dates back to 1915, in the center of the memorial is Jan Hus, a religious reformer whom was burnt at the stake for heresy against the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Around him are depicted the Hussite warriors and Protestants who were forced to leave the land by the church. (To know more about him read about the Hussite Wars.) “The inscriptions on the Jan Hus Monument were added after the independent republic Czechoslovakia was founded in 1918. It reads: “Love each other and wish the truth to everyone” (Jan Hus´s words)”

Street view, the green steeples are part of the St. Nicholas Church.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

This door belongs to the St. Nicholas Church, which is at the edge of Old Town Square. It was completed in 1735. I crammed myself into a tight space to get this shot. Though it was difficult because I couldn’t capture it whole.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

Close up detail of the doorway. Times were different in the 1700s and builders paid more attention to details. Beautiful isn’t it?

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

Chandelier inside the St. Nicholas Church. Besides church services, classical music concerts are also held here.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

One of the many beautiful windows inside.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

A view up. This photo doesn’t do it justice, you just have to see it in person to really take it all in. I could have laid on the ground and starred up for hours. But it’s a church and that wouldn’t be allowed, unfortunately.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

One of many hidden passages.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

If you are a fan of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, then Prague is a city for you. This is one of the many decorative building details you’ll find.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

And if all the walking makes you hungry, you can stop for a sweet break and coffee.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

Don’t only look up at buildings, remember to look down at the cobblestone streets. I wonder how many times Mozart and Franz Kafka walked down this one?

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

Speaking of Mozart, this theater is called Stavovské divadlo or Estates Theatre. This historic theatre was opened in 1783. In this very theatre is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, himself, directed the world premiere of Don Giovanni in 1787.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

Theatre in Prague is very affordable, so if you visit you must make it a priority to see an opera or ballet here. We’ve seen Don Giovanni, and I can’t tell you how exhilarating it was to sit in the very theater where it premiered to the world and where Mozart stood. Very cool.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

This faceless sculpture sits outside of the Estates Theatre.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

This is the plague on the statute.

Prague, Sunday Snapshots, Postcards From Prague, Spicie Foodie

I love it. It is so spooky.

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini tour of Prague, and I can’t wait to take you on another. Please come back tomorrow, we have a special guest joining us and she is sharing a spicy treat! Have a great day.


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  1. says

    I always wanted to visit Prague, I should have when I was in Europe… somehow we always reached only till Vienna. Apropos Vienna, the 2 capitals have lots in common as I can see. Walking through those streets, is soo magical. The brilliant Artists and personalities who walked on those streets are long gone, but what they left us is still kind of intact. I am always mesmerized by that fact alone.

    I am surprised to see a statue of a heretic in Prague. They are very very catholic there no? The chandelier and frescos are absolutely amazing. The effect must be having more impact when being there live.

    The St.Nicholas church door looks awesome, but I am wondering if they have kept the real door there. I mean its always suspicious when they keep precious objects so openly to touch for visitors. Recently they mentioned in the news a door somewhere in Italy (forgot where) whose restoration was finished, but they wouldn’t keep the original for the visitors at its original place but rather a duplicate.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful impressions Nancy!

    • says

      Hi Helene,

      Vienna is also a beautiful city, I’ve visited several times. There is much in common between the two cities and their ties go back to the Habsburgs time.

      No people her are not very catholic. Because of communism many people don’t practice religion. So I love it that it is secular here, and people don’t try to push their religious beliefs onto others. Yes, it really is something else being there in person to see the chandelier and frescos.

      I would assume that same about the door Helene. It’s a shame but many people just don’t know how to, or choose not to respect history and historic items. Once I was at the Louvre and I saw and idiot put his hand on a painting from the 1800s. I was furious that he had no respect for the art and history. So I can see why they wouldn’t leave originals out to the public.

      Thank Helene:)

  2. says

    What a great post. The pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing those clicks of Prague with us. It is really a beautiful town. I love the old and photogenic buildings…



  3. says

    These are the first pictures I’ve ever seen of Prague that actually show blue sky and sunshine! What fabulous pictures! The architecture is amazing and I love all of the various styles of artwork. I have to admit that the faceless sculpture is my favorite! :) Thanks for sharing these pictures. It’s a completely different side of Prague from what I have seen in others’ pictures.

    • says

      It is rare to capture such blue skies in Prague. Most of the year there are huge fluffy clouds, then there is the mist and haze that covers the city in the winter. It’s a photographers dream, Thank you:)

  4. Eha says

    I know Western Europe and The British Isles quite well: Prague has been on the wishlist for the longest time and I hope that is one wish which will yet come true! In my busiest travel times it lay on the wrong side of the ‘Curtain’. The photos are magnificent from the Jan Hus Memorial to that magnificent chandelier in St Nicholas Church and finally seeing the building where Mozart’s ‘Don Giovanni’ was first performed: had read about that in so many publications. Thank you so much! And love the sweet ‘coffee interlude’ :) !

  5. says

    I love your postcards series. And thank you for squeezing into that tight spot to get the door shot for us – it’s beautiful!

  6. says

    Oh man. I can’t believe I missed that theater when I was in Prague! I LOVE Don Giovanni. Guess we’ll just have to go back – we’d like to in the autumn when there aren’t so many tourists. And definitely catch an opera or a concert the next time around.

    Beautiful photos. I kept saying “I’ve been there!” in my head.

    • says

      Oh, too bad Holly. Now you have the perfect excuse to return. Yes, the autumn is great in Prague. Less tourist but also the weather is really fitting for the setting:)

  7. says

    I always want to visit Prague because it was my grandparents’ one of their favorite cities. They visited once a year one time and took many pictures which they showed me their in the past. Thank you for sharing amazing pictures. I’m craving for historic sites as America is relatively young country. :)

    • says

      Hi Nami,
      You should come, and bring the kids. Prague looks like one of those fairy tale cities, and in winter like a snow globe, so I think your kids would also like it. Yes, unfortunately there aren’t as many historic places in such a young country like America. But I hear the East coast has many beautiful places too:)

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