Jalapeno Portobello “Steak” Wraps (Vegan with Beef Steak Option)

Jalapeño Portobello

There is a slight chill in the air. Yes, autumn is officially here. While I don’t look forward to cold rainy days I do very much love autumn. With the new season comes new foods to savor. One of which are mushrooms.

If you asked me whether I like or dislike mushrooms I would tell you like. Though I do have to admit that I am not a fan of all types of mushrooms. For instance those black ones that are common in Chinese food, if I recall correctly they are sometimes called “Cat’s Ear Mushrooms”. Do you know which I am talking about? They freak me out. I mostly pick them out and give them to my husband. I also have to have a craving for mushrooms before I can eat them. I’m just weird like that.

Jalapeño Portobello

During this time of year in Prague you can see many people with basket of freshly picked mushrooms. Mushroom hunting is an autumn tradition in many European countries. The Polish and Czech traditions are quite famous. Many of our friends have shared their experiences and childhood memories of mushroom picking with their families. We’ve been invited to join them on several occasions. But quite frankly I have always been too scared to pick wild mushrooms. I imagine that I’ll end up picking and eating a poisonous one and die right there deep in the forest. Okay, so it’s just my crazy imagination taking over. But regardless I rather let the experts do the mushroom hunting for me.

The other day I picked up these brown beauties. Portobellos are one of my favorite mushrooms. I also purchased some regular size mushrooms labeled crimini. I was very much in a mood for eating mushrooms. In order to enjoy the mushroom flavors I decided to make wraps. Also I wanted to add a little bit of Mexican flavors with the Jalapeños, onion and tomatoes—a classic trio combination. The wraps are flavored with tomato and chipotle, which again adds more Mexican flavors. If you can’t find chipotle wraps then regular wheat will work fine.

Jalapeño Portobello

Jalapeno Portobello "Steak" Wraps (Vegan with Beef Steak Option)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Jalapeño Portobello "Steak" Wraps (Vegan with Beef Steak Option)
Recipe type: vegan, lunch, dinner, sandwich, wrap, quick,
Cuisine: International, Vegan, Vegetarian
  • 2 large portobello mushrooms, cut into strips*
  • a few crimini mushrooms, cut into strips*
  • 1 large onion, cut into slivers
  • 2 large jalapeños, roughly chopped
  • 2 medium roma tomatoes, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • tomato chipotle wraps or flour tortillas
  1. Heat the oil, saute the onions until soft. Add the jjalapeño and garlic, saute for three minutes. Next add the mushrooms and spices. Continue cooking until mushrooms begin to soften or about 5 minutes. Lastly add the tomatoes and cook until they break up, the mushrooms have soften and there is no liquid in the pan.
  2. Heat the wraps/tortillas and assemble with mushroom mix. Serve alongside a green salad and some spicie roasted potatoes.
*Mushrooms can be substituted with strips of beef steak, or a mixture of steak and mushrooms. ** Spicie Roasted Potatoes recipe is here http://www.spiciefoodie.com/2012/05/16/spicie-roasted-potatoes-vegan/


Jalapeño Portobello

My husband wasn’t in a mood for a vegan meal so I cooked steak to add to his wrap. I served the wraps alongside my Spicie Roasted Potatoes, recipe is here, and a fresh green salad that was dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper. We both really enjoyed the meal. It was delicious, simple and best of all super fast to prepare. If wraps aren’t what you’re in the mood for turn the portobellos into grilled steaks. (Grilled Portobello Steaks recipe her.) Enjoy!

Jalapeño Portobello


Photography Notes:
Autumn will bring different light into your shooting area. Take notice and make the most of it. For me the light is softer and thanks to the terracotta walls in my “studio” creates a golden tone. Pay close attention to the hours right before sunset. The light is always beautiful that time of day.



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