13 Healthy Recipes For A Healthy Start To 2013

by Spicie Foodie on January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a great celebration.

A new year for many of us means it is time to get our waistlines back on track. I know many hear the “D” word and associate it with bad food, hunger pangs and deprivation. Eating healthier or being on a diet doesn’t have to mean any of that. Over the month of January I will be sharing my healthy eating tips to keep on track with our weight loss. But for now I leave you with these 13 healthy recipes for a healthy start to 2013. Enjoy!

How To Roast Oven Tomatoes by Spicie FoodieRoasted Tomatoes are a great snack and can also be added to sandwiches, pastas, noodles, rice or served on the side of lean meat dishes.

Indian Eggplant Curry, Vegan, Spicie Foodie Indian Eggplant Curry is a great vegan meal or can also be served as a side dish.

 Authentic Mexican Red Chicken Pozole by Spicie Foodie; Red Chicken Pozole, this version is healthier than the standard pork pozole.

Ejotes Con Huevos, Mexican Green Beans with Eggs, Spicie FoodieEjotes con Huevos or Mexican Green Beans with Eggs, served with mashed pinto beans for a light meal.

Spicy Spaghetti with Sun-Dried Tomatoes by Spicie Foodie Spicy Spaghetti with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, carbs are only bad in large serving sizes. This light pasta uses olive oil as the “sauce” and is healthier than cream based sauces.

Persimmon; Serrano Ham Salad by Spicie FoodiePersimmon, Avocado and Serrano Ham Salad, this salad has a little bit of everything. As long as you keep the ham and cheese to reasonable sizes the salad will stay healthy.

Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce,Spicie FoodieJalapeno Plum Sauce and Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce, great as a light meal or as a healthy snack. Tofu can be substituted with shrimp or chicken.

Thai Curried Fried Rice with Fish by Spicie FoodieThai Curried Fried Rice with Fish, don’t add too much oil to the rice to keep it healthy and light.

Pepinos Con Chile y Limon Or Cucumbers with Chile and Lime by spicie FoodiePepinos Con Chile y Limon Or Cucumbers with Chile and Lime (vegan), if you need a snack reach for these. The water content in the cucumbers keeps you full.

 Homemade Non Separating Almond Milk, makes a great alternative to cow milk.

Bistec en Salsa Roja or Mexican Steak in Red Salsa by Spicie FoodieBistec en Salsa Roja (Steak in Red Salsa) use a lean cut of beef and cutaway any extra fat.

Easy Miso Udon Soup by Spicie FoodieEasy Miso Udon Soup, a great lunch or light dinner.

Easy Baked Apples with Almond Butter by Spicie FoodieAlmond Butter Baked Apples, for when you’re craving something sweet.


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