Steak and Cremini Mushroom Orzo Pilaf (Vegetarian Option)

Steak and Cremini Mushroom Orzo Pilaf (Vegetarian Option) Recipe by Spicie Foodie

Orzo is a wheat pasta shaped liked grains of rice and barley. The word means barley in Italian and it’s a reference to the size and shape of the pasta. It is commonly used in Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern cuisines with soups, salads, pilafs, casseroles, and as stuffing for peppers and squash. The delicate grains can be tricky to work with because it can quickly be overcooked and turn mushy. But don’t let that turn you away from orzo, it is quite versatile and a great ingredient to use do to its ability to absorbs flavors well.

Steak and Cremini Mushroom Orzo Pilaf (Vegetarian Option) Recipe by Spicie Foodie

These little flat grains have become one of my favorite quick meal ingredients. Cooking time is minimal and their ability to take on different forms is something we can all appreciate. I’ve mostly cooked orzo in pilaf and risotto style dishes, and every time the results have been quite tasty.

Steak and Cremini Mushroom Orzo Pilaf (Vegetarian Option) Recipe by Spicie Foodie

Today I want to share one of our favorite ways of eating orzo — steak and cremini mushroom pilaf. I’m sure we can all agree that beef and mushrooms are wonderful together, and mixing them into a creamy orzo dish just accentuates the great combination. My recipe is straightforward and so perfect for both busy or lazy days. No need to worry that flavor will be sacrificed for minimal effort — this dish is packed with plenty of good taste.

Steak and Cremini Mushroom Orzo Pilaf (Vegetarian Option) Recipe by Spicie Foodie

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Steak and Cremini Mushroom Orzo Pilaf (Vegetarian Option)
Prep time
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A quick and easy orzo pasta recipe made pilaf style. Make it for lunch or dinner on busy nights.
Recipe type: Main, Lunch, Pasta, Vegetarian,
Cuisine: Italian, Fusion, International, Pasta
Serves: 4
  • one 500 gm or 1 lb. bag of orzo pasta
  • 330 gm or ¾ lb. thinly sliced steak*
  • 830 ml or 3.5 cups low sodium beef broth**
  • 250 gm or ½ lb. pack cremini mushrooms (substitue w/baby portobello or button)
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • salt, to taste
  • black pepper, to taste
  • parmesan cheese, to taste
  • parsley for sprinkling
  1. Heat the olive in a large pan, saute the onions until translucent then add steak and cook through. Next add the mushrooms and cook until soften and their liquid has been cooked off. Add the minced garlic and saute for 2 minutes. Push all ingredients to one side then add the orzo pasta. Stirring often cook the orzo for a few minutes, it should begin browning. Mix orzo with the rest of the pan ingredients, then pour in the broth. Add salt and ground black pepper to taste, and simmer over medium heat until all of the liquid has been absorbed. (If orzo has not cooked through stir in a little bit more broth.)
  2. Once orzo has cooked add grated parmesan cheese to taste, stir and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Right before serving sprinkle in finely chopped parsley.
FOR VEGETARIAN VERSION: Omit the steak, or substitute it with vegetarian protein of choice. Swap out beef broth for vegetarian.


Steak and Cremini Mushroom Orzo Pilaf (Vegetarian Option) Recipe by Spicie Foodie

I served our “pilaf” with grilled zucchini which was sliced thinly, coated in olive oil, salt, ground black pepper then grilled. Feel free to serve with green vegetable of choice. You’ll also notice the piece of bread, I can’t resist carbs with carbs. Enjoy the recipe!

Steak and Cremini Mushroom Orzo Pilaf (Vegetarian Option) Recipe by Spicie Foodie What is your favorite way of cooking orzo?


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  1. says

    this looks so good – I just love mushrooms – and would be really easy to make. I have not made orzo yet, and am feeling the need to give it a try.

  2. says

    Oh Nancy, I have all the ingredients handy and will make this pilaf with orzo…looks delicious and so flavorful!
    Again, wonderful pictures…have a great weekend!

  3. says

    This makes me hungry and I just ate! Looks wonderful. I can’t get orzo here in San Miguel, but when I have brought it down from the states, I often just make a Greek-style salad with it. Next time I have some, I will definitely try this!

  4. Eha says

    I love the variations on a theme aspect! Unboring meals! Beloved steak/mushrooms around the globe [which does not really matter, does it :) !] added to a carb many do not use! Not my favourite, but lovely for a change :) ! And I shall fight for healthy carbs any tick of the clock wherever: to me balance in life, and that very much means in food, is paramount!!!

  5. says

    Oh I love making a meal using orzo. What a great dish! For Valentine’s I used thinly sliced steak in a salad and it was great, but I would have loved to have had this! It’s never too late. I have one more steak in the freezer and some baby bellas in the fridge! Can’t wait to taste this! Thank you for sharing!

  6. says

    Cooking all pasta is a delicate balance. Getting that pot off the stove at exactly the right moment is so important or my husband chastises me. Love the big lumps of mushrooms with it.


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