Sunday Snapshots: My First Eiffel Tower Photos

Sunday Snapshots: My First Eiffel Tower Photos by Spicie Foodie

Today I want to share the first two photos I ever shot of the Eiffel Tower. They were snapped on an overcast Parisian day.

Sunday Snapshots: My First Eiffel Tower Photos by Spicie Foodie

My husband and I were out for a walk around the neighborhood when I noticed the tower peeking out between the buildings. I positioned myself as best I could and took these pictures.

Sunday Snapshots: My First Eiffel Tower Photos by Spicie Foodie

They were shot on a Pentax K-1000 film camera that my husband gave me. Oh, how I loved it and snapping photos of everything I saw or came across.

Sunday Snapshots: My First Eiffel Tower Photos by Spicie Foodie

Back then I was still learning about composition, aperture, shutter speeds and how to properly load the film onto my camera. These photos aren’t perfect, but I love them because they are the first snaps I shot of the Eiffel Tower, and because this is around the time I was infected by the photography bug.

Sunday Snapshots: My First Eiffel Tower Photos by Spicie Foodie

How about you, have you shot a film camera lately? Do you remember when you fell in love with photography?


Hope your Sunday is a fun, sunny day. And cheers to 10 more days until the official start of spring — yay!


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    I definitely remember my first film camera – a Minolta SRT 101. I still have it, as a matter of fact. My favorite film camera was a Nikon F3 HP – loved the viewfinder in that! I sold both of them a few years ago when I determined I’m unlikely to shoot film again. Although I really miss B&W film – loved the grain in Tri-X. If I ever do film again, I’ll probably pick up a used medium format camera – love the negative size on those. Fun pictures! I have some that look quite similar. ;-)

    • says

      Hi John,

      Yay, another film camera fan.:) I still have mine and really want a Brownie for my collection. Thank you! I’m sure you do, the Eiffel has been photograph a gazillion times from all angles by people from all over the world.:)

  2. says

    Nancy – these are gorgeous shots of the Eiffel Tower! I’ve never been to Paris so one of the things that I love most is how you captured the feeling of being a person just walking down a Paris street and seeing this huge structure literally towering over the town. Most pictures are of the tower and that’s all. Your picture is of the tower being part of Paris. Beautiful! I’ve loved being a viewer of photography all of my life. My husband is a professional photographer – mostly wildlife and scenery. I’ve always been the person that would say “Bobby – look over there! Isn’t that gorgeous?” And then he would capture it if he wasn’t already in the process. :) He always shot film until about 10 years ago and he switched to digital. As for me, I never even started taking pictures until two years ago when I started my blog. I love doing food photography even though I really struggle with styling and sets. I’ve got the technical aspect down, but the “artistic” part – I just operate on the wrong side of the brain. :)

    • says

      Thank you so much MJ! I love that you saw exactly what feeling I was trying to capture.

      Wow, how cool — I love both wildlife and landscape photography. Really, only two years? I would have never guessed it. You have mastered both the technical and artistic parts. I think your photography is beautiful and always leave with such a serene feeling from your photos.

  3. says

    Oooh…these photos bring back nice memories. When I lived in Paris, I lived in the 7th arrondissement, the same one as the Eiffel Tower. Many years ago, I had my own darkroom and oh how I loved shooting real film. I miss it and haven’t used actual film in years. In fact, I usually use my point and shoot camera rather than my digital SLR just because I don’t understand it very well. Sigh…

  4. says

    Love the color effects in the second photo. I have no idea how you got that but it’s beautiful.

    I have to say, I’ve never been bitten by the photography bug. I like it ok, and there are definitely times I wish I had my camera on me (like when I go running) but I’ve never been very good at the visual arts. Words and music are much more my domain. However, your photos always inspire me to work harder on my own food photography.

    • says

      It’s a dual processing Holly, thank you!

      That’s okay that you’re not that into photography. We all have to pick what we are good at and have a passion for — we can’t be good at everything. Thanks!:)

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