Very Important Announcement

Hi everyone!

Due to increasing traffic and server demand, Spicie Foodie will have to be upgraded to another server. What this means is that this blog is growing at a huge rate (yay!) and I need to be able to provide all you lovely visitors with a better browsing experience.

So over the next few days my web hosting company will be relocating Spicie Foodie to a faster and better server. Through the move Spicie Foodie should be working just fine — fingers crossed. But if you experience any problems over the next few days then you know why.

While the server migration is taking place I will not be posting any new recipes or articles. Once completed I will be back to normal posting activity. Those of you participating in this month’s YBR roundup, everything should be back to normal for Sunday’s roundup. But if it isn’t then the roundup will have to be delayed.

Please wish us luck so that no data is lost and that the move to our new server goes smoothly.

I’ll be back in a few days! In the meantime make sure you read my interview with Sarah of Thyme.



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