A Taste From The Past: Curry Spice Mixes

A Taste From The Past: Curry Spice Mixes by Spicie Foodie | #curry #spices #thai #indian #malaysian

If you were to peek through my kitchen cabinets and refrigerator you would always find plenty of spices, homemade curry mixes and pastes. To me there is something so serene about grinding whole spices and transforming them into aromatic curry mixes. The simple motions of chopping, and mashing herbs for curry pastes is just as comforting to me. I simply could not exist without spice and curry.

Today’s edition of “A Taste From The Past” is all about curry spice mixes. I want to share with you these 4 curry mixes and pastes from my archives. Sometimes all four are in my kitchen, and other times maybe only one and they are always homemade.

Homemade curry spices and pastes taste so much better than store bought. The main reason is that you can control what quality ingredients go into the mix. The store bought ones always have too much salt and filler ingredients which costs the manufacturers less money to produce. Plus if you are like me and like to have more control over the spiciness then homemade curry mixes are the way to go. Enjoy!

Garam Masala ~ Indian Curry Spice Mix by Spicie Foodie | #garammasala #indiancurry #spices
Garam Masala ~ Indian Curry Spice


Red Thai Curry Paste  or Krung Kaeng Phed by Spicie Foodie | #redcurry #thaicurry #currypaste
Red Thai Curry Paste or Krung Kaeng Phed


Thai Green Curry Paste by Spicie Foodie | #greencurry #thaicurry #currypaste
Thai Green Curry Paste


Malaysian Meat Curry Powder by Spicie Foodie | #curry #spices #malaysian #meatcurry
Malaysian Meat Curry Powder


Have a great weekend everyone! See you back on Sunday for Sunday Snapshots.


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    NOt many people make all of there curry pastes , you are a very dedicated and clever cook!. Its always so easy to have them on hand and be able to cook up something delicious in a flash. I’d love to visit your kitchen.

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