Sunday Snapshots: Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips

Sunday Snapshots: Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips by SpicieFoodie | #breakfast #eggs #scrambledeggs #cookingtips

I am very lucky to have a husband that never complains about the food I serve him. He is always honest with me about the way a dish tastes, if it can be improved, or if it is perfect as it, it is something I really appreciate. Ninety-nine percent of the time I cook what I want, but occasionally he suggests something or asks to have a craving satisfied.

Sunday Snapshots: Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips by SpicieFoodie | #breakfast #eggs #scrambledeggs #cookingtips

One meal he asks for is scrambled eggs, toast, orange juice and coffee. Over the past few months it has become our Sunday morning breakfast ritual. During the week we don’t often eat eggs, so it’s a breakfast we both look forward to.

Sunday Snapshots: Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips by SpicieFoodie | #breakfast #eggs #scrambledeggs #cookingtips

Have I ever mentioned that my husband taught me how to cook eggs? He did. Back in the days when I didn’t cook I often requested that he cook eggs for me. I would watch and listen to him as he explained how to properly cook them. As far as I am concerned he makes the best scrambled and fried eggs in the world! Yes, really!:)

Sunday Snapshots: Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips by SpicieFoodie | #breakfast #eggs #scrambledeggs #cookingtips

The best tip he gave me about cooking eggs was to keep the heat low. He said that by keeping the flame low and allowing the eggs to cook slowly you can prevent them from overcooking and becoming bitter. That is a great tip, because often times at restaurants eggs are overcooked, too firm and have a bitter taste.

Sunday Snapshots: Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips by SpicieFoodie | #breakfast #eggs #scrambledeggs #cookingtips

Nowadays I do nearly all of the cooking, which I don’t mind at all, and when I cook eggs for us I always remember the tips and way he taught me to cook scrambled eggs. So when I scramble eggs for us I start off by turning the flame low, then add the butter and allow it to melt. I crack each egg on the side of the pan and drop it in, once all the eggs are in I use a wooden spoon to mix and break up the eggs. I leave the eggs alone, over very low heat, to slowly cook. Once they start slightly firming up I mix them up a bit. While they are still wet, runny, and just before reaching the consistency we like, I add cheese to the pan. I turn off the heat and move the eggs all together to one corner of the pan and allow them to cook to the consistency we want. This also allows the cheese to melt into the eggs. Once ready I give them another stir and serve them with toast, sometimes with fruit others with bacon or ham, or a mix of fruit and ham or bacon.

Sunday Snapshots: Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips by SpicieFoodie | #breakfast #eggs #scrambledeggs #cookingtips

We both like our scrambled eggs wet or just slightly undercooked, that is how they taste best. I also love to have hot sauce with my eggs, hubby occasionally does too. Right now I love adding a habanero hot salsa,my husband picked up, to my scrambled eggs. Sometimes if I want a milder salsa I like using Valentina hot sauce — but they are both delish on eggs!

You might have noticed the green herb sprinkled over the eggs in these photos, it is dill. I added it to try to improve the look of the eggs but it turns out dill tastes terrific with cheesy scrambled eggs and habanero hot sauce. What a great discovery, and one I’ll be trying again soon.

Sunday Snapshots: Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips by SpicieFoodie | #breakfast #eggs #scrambledeggs #cookingtips


How about you, do you have a Sunday breakfast ritual?


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  1. says

    Dill and eggs are a wonderful combo! You can make scrambled eggs over medium heat (never high) without them turning bitter, but you do have to work pretty fast, and after the first half minute or so of cooking be constantly stirring the eggs. I’ve never made scrambled eggs in a double boiler (this method can take 45 minutes!) but they’re supposed to be sensational. Good stuff – thanks.

    • says

      Yes, it’s the working fast or perhaps trying to do too many things at once so we advice the low heat. That’s interesting, I’ve never heard of the double boiler method. Thanks John!

  2. says

    I love cheesy scrambled eggs! I could eat them 3 meals a day. My typical breakfast consists of toast and tea…exciting, huh? I need to add in some protein like your beautiful eggs.

  3. says

    I have to say that I could have written the first post of this post. My husband and I have the same relationship when it comes to what’s for dinner and the kitchen. In fact, yesterday morning I didn’t want to think about Sat brunch so I asked what he wanted. Guess what he said? Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. :) So that’s what we had. Your brunch plate looks much prettier than me but then that’s not a surprise. We do have similar methods for cooking eggs, but I’ve never tried the dill and the habanero salsa sounds fabulous! This post was a great read and something gorgeous to look at! Have a great week!

    • says

      Hehe, we are alike MJ:) Well, I had to make it look pretty to share with you guys, so it doesn’t always look this pretty.;) Thanks and you too have a great week!

  4. Melissa says

    I prefer my eggs wet as well and yes I cook my eggs the same way. But next time I will try it w/Dill!

  5. says

    Breakfast is such a hard meal for me… I always crave something spicy and sometimes leftovers from dinner will do. LOL! Your hubby taught you well with the eggs… I have heard the same thing about eggs being cooked on low heat to get the best texture and taste. Looks like a hearty breakfast.


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