Sunday Snapshot: Eggshell Light Play

Sunday Snapshots: Eggshell Light Play by Spicie Foodie | #foodphotography #eggshells #light #sunlight

What was supposed to be a relaxing week off started off with me being sick in bed. Unfortunately I spent my birthday and next couple of days lounging around not doing much of anything. But because I have the most wonderful husband, and even though I was ill, he still managed to give me a beautiful day. My sweet man ran around preparing meals, picking up special treats and spending an hour looking for movies at the video rental shop that I wanted to watch. He is so doting and I would be utterly lost without him.

Sunday Snapshots: Eggshell Light Play by Spicie Foodie | #foodphotography #eggshells #light #sunlight

Luckily by Wednesday I was feeling much better and finally able to venture out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a very special day filled with love, happiness, friendship, gifts, and of course lots of yummy food too.

Sunday Snapshots: Eggshell Light Play by Spicie Foodie | #foodphotography #eggshells #light #sunlight

Lovey-dovey words aside, I did enjoy my time away from the computer. I wouldn’t mind another week off but I fear that it would be much to tempting to make it a long hiatus. So slowly I’ll be getting back to the swing of things and keeping up with all blog related work.

Sunday Snapshots: Eggshell Light Play by Spicie Foodie | #foodphotography #eggshells #light #sunlight

Now onto these eggshell photos, I shot them the same Sunday that I photographed my Sunday Breakfast and Egg Cooking Tips post. After we had finished with our breakfast I noticed how lovely the sun light was shinning onto the shooting area and table. Wanting to capture the beautiful light I grabbed a few of the broken eggshells and started snapping away. Three of the photos were shot with sidelight and the other three with back-lighting. The process was quite simple, as you can see, and in the end I ended up with two different looks.

Sunday Snapshots: Eggshell Light Play by Spicie Foodie | #foodphotography #eggshells #light #sunlight

Enjoy the photos and have a lovely Sunday! Tomorrow I have a Meatless Monday post to share with you, see you then.

Sunday Snapshots: Eggshell Light Play by Spicie Foodie | #foodphotography #eggshells #light #sunlight

Sunday Snapshots: Eggshell Light Play by Spicie Foodie | #foodphotography #eggshells #light #sunlight

Thank you so much to all of you whom left me such warm and sweet birthday wishes. Hugs amigos! xx


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  1. says

    Nancy, I am trying to go through my back log of your blogs from while I was gone, but it seems that all my responses end up in one place, which is a bit strange. Just know that I will read and cherish each one–I love your blog!

    • says

      I appreciate it so much Victoria. I can always tell that you do read what I write. I’m so glad we found each other because I adore your blog and always look forward to your food info and recipes. xx

  2. says

    Bummer that you got sick! But I’m glad you enjoyed your week away from the computer. I really need to do that, too. Aren’t eggs so much fun to photograph? One of my favorite subjects. Great photos – thanks.

    • says

      You really should take the time away from the computer John, it’s feels fantastic being disconnected. Agreed, eggs are a great subject. Thank you!

  3. says

    First of all : Happy belated Birthday!
    I somehow missed it, uups.
    Beautiful pictures, my favorite is the first one, the light is just gorgeous.

  4. says

    Oh, my favorite is the first photo. Gorgeous light! So sorry you had to spend part of your time in bed, but your husband sounds like such a thoughtful man. Glad you were able to celebrate your anniversary together! :)

  5. says

    G’day! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, TRUE!
    Glad to read you are feeling better too!
    I would not have thought of eggs to photograph, but like how the different angles, provide a totally different view!
    One of the things I love about food photography too!
    Cheers! Joanne
    What’s On The List

  6. says

    Sorry you got sick on your b-day and on vacation! I wasted my previous vacation last time being sick and I was so mad… =P I loooove the light for all these snapshots! I’m always having hard time with light. I need to study more, spending more time to practice with my camera. So fun and educational looking at your photos!

  7. says

    Nancy, glad that you are feeling better and you had a wonderful anniversary. Your husband is a gem, you lucky girl! Love the eggshell snapshots.

  8. says

    I am so sorry you were sick on “our” birthday. :( I actually had a bad cold the week leading up to the big day and that made me bummed out a bit. Well hopefully the “bad luck” passed and we have just a bright birthday year ahead of us. :)

    Glad you got to spend a lovey-dovey day for your anniversary with the hubs. He sounds totally awesome btw…. what a keeper. :)

    • says

      So we shared that too on our birthday? Lol. Definitely it was once in a life time thing. Yeah, I guess I’ll keep him around. Lol, I’m very lucky to have him.

  9. says

    Oh I’m so sorry that you started your time off in bed. What a bummer – and on your birthday no less! I’m glad you recovered, thanks to the husband and that y’all had a wonderful anniversary. Oh Nancy – I could put a couple of these shots on my wall! Gorgeous!

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