Indonesian Rendang and Ukrainian Cake

by Spicie Foodie on August 2, 2013

Indonesian Beef Rendang by @SpicieFoodie | #IndonesianFood #beef #meat #Rendang

Have you ever tried Indonesian food? It is amazing! If you love spicy, aromatic, fresh food then you’ll absolutely love this exotic cuisine. Today I am sharing one of our favorite Indonesian dishes, rendang. Rendang is a spicy meat dish made with coconut milk and an array of aromatic Asian spices. Rendang, or beef rendang, is one of the most well know dishes from Indonesia. Originally a dish made by the Minangkabau people, it is now also eaten in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, The Philippines, and southern Thailand.

Indonesian Rendang by @SpicieFoodie | #IndonesianFood #beef #meat #Rendang

Indonesian Rendang by @SpicieFoodie | #IndonesianFood #beef #meat #Rendang

This rendang was made with a special package that our Indonesian friend R. sent to me with her husband. She sent me an Indonesian care package consisting of 2 rendang, 2 nasi goreng spice mixes and a super yummy hot sauce. If that wasn’t enough J. brought me a cookbook from his last trip to Cambodian. I a very lucky girl to have such sweet, kind and thoughtful friends. The book is gorgeous and I can’t wait to cook from it and share it with you.

I saw that the cookbook and both of the spice mixes are available on Amazon, so you too can give them a try. These are the links Rendang, Nasi Goreng and Cambodian Cooking.

Indonesian Rendang by @SpicieFoodie | #IndonesianFood #beef #meat #Rendang

Upon opening the package I could smell the wonderful spices and chile that were used to make the mix — it made my mouth water. Typically rendang can take up to 4 hours to prepare but thanks to this little package dinner can be ready in about an hour. The instructions are included in the package and are pretty straightforward.

Indonesian Rendang by @SpicieFoodie | #IndonesianFood #beef #meat #Rendang

All I had to do was cut the beef into bite-size pieces, boil until tender, drain, then slow cook with the spice mix and a little water until the sauce thickened. I served it with steamed rice for a scrumptious meal.

Indonesian Rendang by @SpicieFoodie | #IndonesianFood #beef #meat #Rendang

As the meat simmered with the spices my mouth kept watering, I could smell cloves, lemongrass, chile, ginger and all sorts of incredible smells. The taste was just as amazing. It was quite spicy and the spices really came through. I can’t wait to cook the next package and hopefully one day my friend R. will teach me how to cook rendang from scratch.

Ukrainian Cake on @SpicieFoodie | #Ukrainian #cake #dessert

So if all the above gifts weren’t enough J. also brought us this gorgeous dessert, a Ukrainian cake made for two, which we enjoyed and helped to cool down our mouths after the rendang.

Ukrainian Cake on @SpicieFoodie | #Ukrainian #cake #dessert

I’m not sure what the cake is called but it was like a roulade cake. The outer wrapper was a thin layer of cake, in the center were two layers of airy vanilla cream or mousse that had pieces of bananas and strawberries. The cream was held inside by a thin layer of cake and the two layers of cream were separated by a very thin layer of cake. And the top was decorated with fresh pieces of strawberries, kumquats, karambola and lime slices.

Ukrainian Cake on @SpicieFoodie | #Ukrainian #cake #dessert

I’ve never had a cake like this before, and now it is one that I would love to eat over and over again. Does anyone know what this type of cake is called?


Thanks to our wonderful friends we enjoyed this incredible feast. The only thing that would have made it even better is if we had been able to sit down and enjoy it with them…soon.


Have a great weekend and I hope you share a meal with your close friends.



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