Marilyn’s Baked Custard Recipe

Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe on @SpicieFoodie | #custard #bakedcustard #dessert #eggs #milk

I believe that each recipe has a story to be told. The words may be spoken out loud or written down to tell future generations about the origins of the recipe. Perhaps not just the recipe is passed down, but also memories of creating and/or tasting it for the first time.

Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe on @SpicieFoodie | #custard #bakedcustard #dessert #eggs #milk

I love recipes that have a family history, ones passed down from generation to generation. This custard recipe is one such recipe. It comes courtesy of Marilyn Eddy Siperek via the Project Egg cookbook. (The cookbook was put together by Janie of Marilyn’s recipe was one of the 25 yummy recipes included in the cookbook, and also one that jumped out at me immediately.

Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe on @SpicieFoodie | #custard #bakedcustard #dessert #eggs #milk

Marilyn describes her baked custard as follows, “This recipe has been handed down from my great-grandmother who lived on a farm and had ingredients at hand. Now I have a small farm and continue the tradition. My young grandchildren (ages 3-7) love to make the custard and know the recipe!”

Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe on @SpicieFoodie | #custard #bakedcustard #dessert #eggs #milk

Isn’t that wonderful, a recipe that has been in her family for 7 generations — or perhaps even longer. That’s amazing! I don’t know if there are such recipes in my family, what about yours?

Reading the description had me fantasizing of an old fashion farm kitchen in which Marilyn’s great-grandmother stood preparing this special treat for her family. I wondered did she create the recipe, was it handed down to her from previous generations, and what did their faces look like upon tasting the first spoonful of custard? And what about Marilyn, when did she first taste the custard?

Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe on @SpicieFoodie | #custard #bakedcustard #dessert #eggs #milk

Besides the family history what also appealed to me was that her family’s recipe is healthier than others I have seen. It doesn’t use cream but rather milk. The ingredients list is short, simple and I’m sure we all have them at hand at all times. So it is my pleasure to share with you this lovely recipe.

Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe on @SpicieFoodie | #custard #bakedcustard #dessert #eggs #milk


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Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A baked custard recipe handed down from generation to generation. It is easy to prepare and lower in calories than other recipes. It tastes like eggnog too!
Recipe type: Dessert,
Cuisine: International, Dessert, American
Serves: 10
  • 6 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup (225g) sugar
  • 1 quart (946ml) milk
  • Dash of salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 dash of cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  1. Preheat oven to 300 or 150c or Gas 2.
  2. This dish bakes in a hot water bath. Choose an oven-safe casserole dish and a larger pot that is large enough and deep enough to allow insertion of the casserole dish. I use a cast iron chicken fryer to create the water bath.
  3. Mix eggs and sugar together. Add milk, salt, vanilla and cinnamon and mix. Pour into greased oven-safe casserole dish. Shake nutmeg so a small coating covers the mixture. Place casserole dish into hot water bath. Bake for about 1 hour until a knife inserted into centre comes out clean.
This recipe comes courtesy Project Egg: 25 Cracking Recipes. To download your free copy please visit


Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe on @SpicieFoodie | #custard #bakedcustard #dessert #eggs #milk

I’ve never made baked custard before so I was a tad nervous about the results. I followed Marilyn’s instructions with the only exception being that since there are only 2 of use I had to cut down the recipe. The results were phenomenal! It was creamy, tasted like vanilla and hints of nutmeg. My husband who doesn’t normally like custard stated that it tasted like eggnog — one of his favorite drinks. I would go as far as saying that this was one of the very best custards I have ever tasted. This dessert will definitely be put on our rotation.

Thank you Marilyn for sharing the recipe and Janie for including it in your Project Egg.

Marilyn's Baked Custard Recipe on @SpicieFoodie | #custard #bakedcustard #dessert #eggs #milk

If you would like a FREE copy of Project Egg ~ 25 Cracking Recipes simply go here to download your copy.

Project Egg: 25 Cracking Recipes A Free Cookbook | #eggs #free #cookbook #breakfast #brunch #dinner #dessert

It’s a great book, I wrote about it a couple months ago.

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  1. says

    Mmmm, Nancy that looks delish!
    Marilyn’s story is lovely isn’t it, a real piece of family history.
    Janie x
    PS as always, your photos do it great justice x

  2. says

    Beautiful as always, Nancy! I love the traditions behind this custard too. There aren’t many recipes that go back that far on my side of the family, but my husband’s family has quite a few. I just need to work on my Portuguese so I can read them!

  3. says

    I believe that’s the whole point of history with food, just makes you travel in time and imagine what and how it was.
    Beautiful story and the dessert looks delicious. I remember I was around 8 when I started writing in a diary, I have some recipes my grandmom narrated and that’s about how back my recipes go…Thanks for sharing Nancy.

  4. says

    Oh Nancy, this custard looks awesome, such a delicate texture…beautiful pictures…as always.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :D

  5. says

    I imagined Marilyn’s great-grandmother in her kitchen wearing a flowered apron. You know the old fashioned kind that go around the neck and with flowers on it of course. Your beautiful pictures completed the image for me. It looks delicious!!

  6. says


    First time here and came across this custurd recipe which is my hubby’s all time favourite :) awesome presentation and pics ….bookmarked the recipe

  7. says

    I’m the same way – recipes with a history are so much more appealing to me! 7 generations is absolutely incredible. This custard looks delicious and your photos are breathtaking, Nancy!

  8. says

    I never appreciated custard desserts when I was a child… now I adore them!! It’s one of my favorites. This looks creamy and divine!

  9. says

    I downloaded this book the last time you wrote about it, then forgot about it. Thanks for bringing it back up. Love the custard recipe and the fact that it uses milk makes it quite appealing. But then the big selling point is that it’s passed down through 7 generations! I don’t even have recipes from my grandmother. Wonderful post Nancy!

  10. Robert says

    Well done as usual Nancy, love your work as always. Thanks to Marilyn for sharing. It going to be cold here in South Australia this weekend so this recipe will be welcome.

    • says

      Hi Barbara,

      I have personally never used skim milk in this recipe, I’ve always used full fat. You could try it out but be aware that I don’t know how well the custard will turn out. My initial thinking is that skim milk won’t set, or taste, aw well as regular milk because it is missing the fat and thickness.

      Good luck and if you test it out with the skim milk let us know your results. ~Nancy


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