Lemon Stuffed Mediterranean Sea Bass Cooked In Foil

Lemon Stuffed Mediterranean Sea Bass Cooked In Foil Recipe by @SpicieFoodie | #seabass #fish #lemon #quickmeals #lowfat

Today I have a delicious recipe that takes minimal effort to prepare, lemon stuffed Mediterranean Sea Bass cooked in foil. This time of year easy meals are a must because they allow us to enjoy the beautiful weather, and not be stuck in the kitchen for a long time. Paired with a healthy green salad and you can treat the family to a healthy, nutritious and yummy summer feast.

Lemon Stuffed Mediterranean Sea Bass Cooked In Foil Recipe by @SpicieFoodie | #seabass #fish #lemon #quickmeals #lowfat

Have you ever tasted Mediterranean Sea Bass? The taste is wonderful! It’s not a stinky or fishy tasting fish, it’s also not a mild or bland one either. The taste is difficult for me to describe, but I can tell you is that it is one of the best tasting fish.

Previously I’ve eaten it at restaurants where it was either grilled or wrapped in grape leaves and cooked in the oven. My preference from these two methods was the one with the grape leaves…my mouth waters as I type this. Seriously you must taste it like that sometime. Unfortunately I didn’t have any grape leaves so I decided to wrap it in foil instead.

The recipe is quite simple and feel free to adapt it to the ingredients you have at hand. If Mediterranean Sea Bass, or Branzino, isn’t available to you any other whole fish may be used — I often use this method for trout.

Lemon Stuffed Mediterranean Sea Bass Cooked In Foil Recipe by @SpicieFoodie | #seabass #fish #lemon #quickmeals #lowfat

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Lemon Stuffed Mediterranean Sea Bass Cooked In Foil
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A delicious recipe that takes minimal effort to prepare, so you're not be stuck in the kitchen for a long time. This Sea Bass, or Branzino, pairs deliciously with a fresh Mediterranean green salad.
Recipe type: Dinner
Cuisine: European, Mediterranean, Fish
Serves: 2
Sea Bass Ingredients:
  • 2 Mediterranean Sea Bass or other whole fish if desired
  • 1 small lemon, sliced
  • sea salt, to taste
  • freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • good quality olive oil
  • aluminum foil
Mediterranean Inspired Salad Ingredients:
  • Salad greens mix of choice
  • Kalamata olives, pitted and halved
  • green olives, pitted and halved
  • cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Grana Padano cheese or your favorite Italian cheese
  • olive oil and vinegar for dressing or your favorite
  • a sprinkling of sea salt
  • freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Sea Bass Instructions:
  1. Gut, scale and rinse the fish throughly. Pat dry with paper towels. Heat the oven to 180C or 350F, and have a baking sheet handy. Cut two large pieces of foil, big enough to wrap each whole fish. In each piece lay the fish. Rub with olive oil on both sides and a little inside. Make sure that it is enough to avoid the fish sticking to the foil. Sprinkle with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper on both sides, and inside the cavity. Stuff lemon slices in each fish, amount is as desired. Fold and crimp the foil to make a pocket. Lay on baking sheet and place in center of oven. Bake for 30-40 minutes depending on the size of fish. The skin will feel soft but the meat will be firm.
  2. If you would like to make the skin crispier, unwrap the fish after it has cooked through and set under broiler or turn up the heat and allow to crisp up. But be warned that this might make the fish stick to the foil a bit.
Mediterranean Inspired Salad Ingredients:
  1. Toss and combine ingredients, grate some cheese over the salad and serve with your favorite dressing.
Variations: Instead of Mediterranean Sea Bass use any other whole fish you like. Alternatively fillets may be used, but make sure to adjust the cooking time.

Seasoning and Spices: Garlic may also be added if desired. In place of lemons use lime or lemon grass. Herbs such as fresh parsley, cilantro, or basil would also taste great. Give the fish a little color and spice boost by using chile powder or paprika, or even pepper flakes.

Instead of foil you can use parchment paper, or also place the fish on the grill.


Lemon Stuffed Mediterranean Sea Bass Cooked In Foil Recipe by @SpicieFoodie | #seabass #fish #lemon #quickmeals #lowfat

This was my favorite dinner this week. I love seafood and fish, and this sea bass is something I could eat every week…multiple times a week.

Lemon Stuffed Mediterranean Sea Bass Cooked In Foil Recipe by @SpicieFoodie | #seabass #fish #lemon #quickmeals #lowfat


Hope you are all having a great weekend!



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  1. says

    This looks mouthwatering! I love fish, and we can usually find some good varieties so close to the ocean. I’m pretty sure I can get my hands on some Branzino (I’m sure the word here is similar). I also have some grape vines in the backyard with some lovely leaves on it to wrap around these fishies and give that a try too :)

    • says

      Thank you Rochelle! I can imagine the great selection you must have. How wonderful that you have grape vines in the backyard. Let me know how you like it — my mouth is watering now.:)

  2. says

    Wow… look at you work those fish. I love that photos of the two fish before they were cooked… they look like they are still trying to swim. :) Looks like a fantastic dinner. :)

  3. says

    This is one of my absolute favorite ways to enjoy fresh fish–I grew up eating milkfish that’s been stuffed with chopped onions and tomatoes and baked in foil (or grilled). Seabass is awesome–hard to resist it when I see it on the menu. My kind of meal, Nancy. And I saw your FB post about cleaning these guys yourself–I’ve not quite done that yet; kudos to you!

  4. says

    Happy weekend!!! I don’t believe I have tried Mediterranean sea bass, but it sounds wonderful! Hubby and I love grilling, this would be delicious on our wood smoker:-) Hugs, Terra

  5. says

    Beautiful dish Nancy! Now I’m dreaming of a trip to the Mediterranean for my own Branzino ;)
    I love fish for dinner, it always just hits the spot!

  6. Eha says

    Of course I will second all the other comments, because this is quite my favourite way of cooking a whole fish also [well, steaming it Chinese style comes a pretty close second!]. And the photos DO increase the appetite :) !

  7. says

    I love fish cooked in foil! One of the best ways to do it. I’ve had sea bass before, but I don’t think I’ve had Mediterranean sea bass – sounds wonderful. Certainly your recipe is wonderful! Thanks so much.

    • says

      Hi Claire,

      That’s too bad, I hope you can try it sometime. No, you could also use the technique with frozen and defrosted fish. Fresh is best but frozen will do. Enjoy!:)

  8. says

    Looking at your pictures and recipe took me back to my backpacking days. On some trips, Bobby would catch us river trout and I would prepare them exactly this way! I always brought foil along just in case he caught fish. I’d stuffed them with lemon, wrap in foil and cook over the campfire. Love this preparation and now I wish I had Mediterranean Sea Bass, a fish I’ve never tried. It actually looks like a trout, just bigger. Great meal!

    • says

      Wow, I’d love to have trout or any other fish straight from the water and onto the grill. What a treat for Bobby to have had you prepare the fish this ways. I hope you can try the Mediterranean Sea Bass some time, it does look like trout but tastes totally different — better I would say. Thanks MJ!

  9. says

    Nancy, this looks delicious. And with a salad, so fresh, elegant, healthy and impressive. I’ve never cooked a whole fish. I’ve been so busy this Summer I’ve been delinquent on commenting on my favorite blogs. Waving hello and glad to be able to visit again. Pinning this one.

  10. Katrine says

    Totally yummy! I roasted some olives and garlic cloves in a dish a long side the fish, then drizzled the entire thing with olive oil and served with a chilled Pouilly-Fuissé!


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