Dry Roasted and Salted In Shell Almonds

by Spicie Foodie on November 2, 2013

Dry Roasted and Salted In Shell Almonds by @SpicieFoodie | #nuts #almonds #roasted

This past week I had the chance to taste almonds in a different form: in their shell. Previously I had only seen photographs of almonds still in their shell and always hoped to come across them some day. Well, this past Wednesday was my lucky day.

I’m no stranger to almonds, in fact they are probably my favorite nut. I love to eat them on their own, grind them for flour to use in cakes and cookies, use them as toppings or stuffing, and milk them into a refreshing vegan drink. They also make an incredible spread called almond butter which goes great inside baked apples. Almonds are so versatile that it’s easy to get creative and incorporate them into all sorts of recipes.

Anyway, back to these lovely whole almonds.

Dry Roasted and Salted In Shell Almonds by @SpicieFoodie | #nuts #almonds #roasted

Have any of you ever tasted almonds still in their shell? If you have then you know that this is the best tasting way of eating them. Plus if they have been dry roasted and salted then you know it’s a whole other level of yummy goodness. Seriously, once you try them like this you’ll never want to eat shelled almonds again.

Dry Roasted and Salted In Shell Almonds by @SpicieFoodie | #nuts #almonds #roasted

The shells on these almonds are very thin, so it’s easy to crack open and eat. The taste is sweet, slightly salty and some roasted undertones. It’s difficult to explain just how delicious they taste and smell — they taste out of this world good!

Dry Roasted and Salted In Shell Almonds by @SpicieFoodie | #nuts #almonds #roasted

I was planning on cooking with these almonds but by Friday afternoon there were only a few left in the bag. What can I say, I pigged out!:) Though scrumptious, almonds do have quite a high caloric count, so I need to wait at least another week before going to buy another bag. Hopefully that bag will get used in some recipes to share with you…but please don’t hold me to that.

Have a great day and I hope you get to try almonds like these.


Look for almonds in their shell at Middle Eastern food stores or health food stores. If not you can always find them online here and here.


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