Playa’s Christmas Colours

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

How was everyone’s Christmas holiday? I hope you all had a wonderful day.

I haven’t a recipe to share with you today, only some snapshots of our first holiday in Playa del Carmen. The photos were all shot during our Christmas Eve walk and our lazy Christmas Day. Enjoy and I hope they bring you a bit of warmth during the wintery December days.

My husband and I have a tradition of every year picking out a new Christmas ornament for each other; along the way we’ve also included our precious fur and feather babies. This year was no different and so we stepped out to choose this year’s ornaments.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

I had been eyeing this beautiful store full of colourful Mexican themed ornaments and souvenirs along one of the main shopping streets. They had everything from the traditional sphere shaped ornaments to little nativity scenes made out of clay and set inside cactuses — very Mexican and perfect to mark our first Christmas here.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

There were so many beautiful pieces and it was difficult to choose just one. I loved how brightly colourful everything was. Aren’t these clay piñatas gorgeous?

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

I got distracted from the ornaments by these pretty bags. They are hand made and considering that the shop is in the main shopping street, the prices aren’t too bad.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

In the end we choose this Mexican Santa…

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

and this gorgeous sphere that is hand-painted with traditional Mexican folk art. They are perfect!

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

After our shopping we headed for a stroll into another neighbourhood. These aren’t pink Christmas decorations but they certainly are beautiful. The pink rose art hanging from the trees matched perfectly the tropical plants.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

Something I can’t stop shooting photos of are the trees here, they are tall, wide and have wild roots and branches. They remind me of bodhi trees, wouldn’t you agree? I love them!

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

So how do you guys like my new pink motorcycle? Haha, just kidding. I don’t want a motorcycle but if I did, pink would totally be the colour I choose.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

Pink really seemed to be the popular colour this day. I love these bikes and that they were parked right at the beginning of the beach.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

All that walking under the blazing heat makes you thirsty. We stopped for a drink and a snack…

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

We couldn’t have chosen a better time to stop because a couple of minutes later it began to pour. It wasn’t a snowy Christmas Eve but it was a rainy one.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

Christmas Day morning we woke up to gorgeous, clear blue skies and high temperatures. I couldn’t contain the excitement of waking up on December 25th to this kind of weather. It has been a dream of mine to go lay on the beach on Christmas day and this year it is exactly what we did.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

I think many other people had the same dream because the beach club and the coastline was full of people enjoying the beautiful weather. In the afternoon, we calmed our growling stomach with shrimp tacos and quenched our thirst with a bucket of ice-cold Mexican beer.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

Later on we went out for our Christmas dinner. Of course only grilled lobster tail could be the perfect tropical Christmas dinner. I was too busy eating the most perfect meal to stop and take a photo. We also got to try our first Mexican wine and let me just say that it was one of the very best whites I’ve ever drank! The whole meal was stellar.

Playa's Christmas Colours by @SpicieFoodie | #Playadelcarmen #beach #Mexico #travel

After dinner we strolled down to the main square were we ran into a show put on by a Mayan dancer group. If you visit Playa make sure you don’t miss it.

This year might not have been our “traditional” Christmas, but it certainly was a very merry one. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and an awesome New Years celebration!



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  1. says

    Oh what vibrant happy colors!

    And sand toes:)

    Love this post..we are pretty monochromatic these days unless the sun shines:)

    Love the bags..!
    ..Pics are so clear and sharp..
    Thank you..Best wishes!

    Love the ice cold mexican beer too:)

    • says

      Winter can be so beautiful, but I always missed the sunshine during those months. I hope you get more sunshine and colours these coming days. Thank you Monique and best wishes to you as well.:) xx

  2. Eha says

    Thank you for taking us along on thiis oh so colourful and happiness-making walk! What a change from Prague ~ but methinks you will be very content in the coming year :) !

  3. says

    Christmas in paradise! I adore all those handcrafted Mexican Christmas ornaments. So beautiful!! Wishing you have a wonderful and happy New Year 2014!!

  4. says

    Happy New Year! Next year I’m going to spend my Christmas while laying on the beach. It’s going to be a self imposed break from the craziness that the holidays has turned into. So glad you are enjoying your new home, although I think it would be impossible not too, lol.

  5. says

    Now that was the perfect Christmas and I couldn’t have found a better way to spend it in a new place. Thanks for sharing what a fabulous place and just LOVE the colors!


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