Spicy Cilantro and Hemp Seed Sauce

Spicy Cilantro and Hemp Seed Sauce by @SpicieFoodie | #cilantro #hempseeds #sauce #steaksauce

Have you ever eaten hemp seeds? I recently purchased a small bag of whole hemp seeds and I’m fast becoming a fan. They have a very nicely mild and nutty flavour that works well in so many foods. I’m doing lots of research and will soon have a full article with everything you need to know about these delicious and healthy seeds. Don’t worry you won’t be failing any drug tests! (lol)

In the meantime I wanted to share this delicious sauce recipe that I made to go with a couple of T-bone steaks. It’s super easy to prepare and full of wonderful flavours. I think it would also taste wonderful on grilled chicken, pork or fish as well as a marinade.

Spicy Cilantro and Hemp Seed Sauce by @SpicieFoodie | #cilantro #hempseeds #sauce #steaksauce

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Spicy Cilantro and Hemp Seed Sauce
Prep time
Total time
This spicy, citrusy and nutty hemp sauce is delicious on steak, chicken, pork or fish!
Recipe type: Sauce, Condiment, Marinade
Cuisine: International
Serves: 4
  • 1 small bunch of cilantro, use everything but the roots
  • 2 tbsp whole hemp seeds
  • 2 small green onion, roots trimmed off and cut into 4 parts
  • 1 green chile pepper (serrano or jalapeño), stem removed
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 1 tsp sea salt, adjust to taste
  • 2 tbsp good quality extra virgin olive oil
  • 1-2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 tbsp water
  1. In a mortar and pestle or blender crush/pulse the hemp seeds. Place all of the ingredients in the blender and blend into a smooth sauce. If desired make it more watery by adding more lime juice or water or oil. Taste and adjust salt if desired. Place in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes before using. This will keep for a few days in the refrigerator, make sure it is covered.
How to use: Spread over grilled steak, pork, chicken or fish. Alternatively the sauce may also be used as a marinade for meats or vegetables.
You can adjust the heat level by either removing the seeds or using less chile.


You are going to love the smell of the hemp seeds when they are crushed, they smell a bit like sunflower seeds. The sauce consistency is thick so it works great as a condiment. The taste is spicy, garlic, withy sweet lime undertones and hints of nuttiness. I thought it tasted delicious with the steak. We had a little bit leftover, which I used for dipping some carrots into. I’ll definitely be making this again and thinking up new ways to use it. Enjoy

Spicy Cilantro and Hemp Seed Sauce by @SpicieFoodie | #cilantro #hempseeds #sauce #steaksauce

Submissions for this month’s YBR are now open. Come add your recipe here. The roundup will be this Friday the 28th of February.


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  1. says

    What a creative sauce! It’s been ages since I munched down on hemp seeds and I can’t remember how they tasted. This sauce looks awesome on that steak. In fact that steak look incredible!

  2. says

    Your beautiful green spicy sauce reminds me of one of the condiments used in Lima, Peru – it had mostly cilantro and really spicy though. I’ve had hemp seeds, but I guess that provides the sauce some texture, right? I want to try this on my rice and stir-fry! Yummmmm!


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