4 Irish-esque Recipes To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day + 4 Mexican Recipes To Celebrate Benito Juarez Day

They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps it’s the flowing green beer, green coloured desserts and Irish inspired food we all eat that leaves us feeling Irish this particular day. What ever the reason, who doesn’t want an excuse to eat good food. Right? So, I’ve put together 4 of my Irish-esque recipes to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy by @SpicieFoodie

Bangers and Mash With Onion Gravy: A delicious traditional British dish of sausage (bangers) and mashed potatoes (mash). It is iconic of British working-class dishes and it is ubiquitous to British and Irish pubs around the world.


New England Boil Dinner or Boiled Smoked Pork Shoulder Dinner by @SpicieFoodie

New England Boil Dinner or Boiled Smoked Pork Shoulder Dinner: This is not only a family favourite on St. Patrick’s Day but also an Irish-American meal enjoyed on this holiday.


Corn Beef Hash

Corn Beef Hash: If you are brave enough, or have simply forgotten to plan for St. Patrick’s Day and have no other options, then give this recipe a try. Or don’t. You’ll have to read the post to see why I’m not trying to sell you on this recipe.


Cottage Pie aka Shepherd’s Pie by @SpicieFoodie

Cottage Pie: Often, and incorrectly, called Shepherd’s pie by many, this meat pie is a classic Irish, Scottish and English dish. It is super easy to prepare and tastes delicious even reheated.


4 Mexican Recipes To Celebrate Benito Juarez Day

This Monday in Mexico we are celebrating Benito Juarez Day. He was a beloved president that implemented some amazing ideas during his presidencies. Nowadays he is honoured with this national holiday as well as having an airport, city and countless streets and schools named after him. He’s kinda a big deal. You might not be Mexican but today I want to give you another excuse to eat more Mexican food. Here’s 4 great recipes!

Chicken Enfrijoladas by @SpicieFoodie

Enfrijoladas de Pollo or Chicken Enfrijoladas: Tortillas dipped into a creamy bean sauce and stuffed with chicken. What else do you need to know? Just give them a try.


Red Chicken Pozole by @SpicieFoodie

Red Chicken Pozole: A hearty stew made with spices, chiles, hominy and chicken. I know many of you are still freezing your butts off, so make a pot and you’ll feel like you’re in Mexico. Okay, that’s exaggerating a bit but you’ll still love it.


Pork (or Chicken) Tacos Cooked in Ancho Chile and Chile de Arbol

Pork (or Chicken) Tacos Cooked in Ancho Chile and Chile de Arbol: You gotta have some tacos too! Theses are really good — and not too spicy. If you don’t like the look of these (why don’t you like my tacos?) Then check out the other taco recipes here. There’s meatless options too.


Pastel de Chocolate Mexicano or Mexican Chocolate Cake

Mexican Chocolate Cake: No fiesta is complete without dessert! This super easy cake is made with Mexican chocolate so you know it’s totally authentic. (Haha!) But really it tastes pretty darn good.


Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or Benito Juarez Day, or both, I hope you have a great time and enjoy delicious food!


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  1. says

    What a gorgeous round up! You’ve put me in the mood for corned beef…but the picky hubby (who happens to be half Irish!) won’t eat it.

  2. says

    :-) The bangers and mash and shepard’s pie I know to be Irish, but the boiled dinner is new to me as an Irish dish. I knew it as a northern german dish – how funny is that. But then I guess everybody claims the invention of the printing press etc. :-)

  3. says

    Interesting seeing these two food cultures in the same post. It shows a huge difference in the way people eat, ingredients, and seasoning. Personally, you know which set of recipes I love. :)

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