(Leftover) Spinach Quesadillas and The Spanish Tin Giveaway Winner!

Spinach Quesadillas by @SpicieFoodie | #quesadillas #spinach #mexican #vegetarian

I could eat quesadillas for every meal of the day! Quesadillas can simply be described as the Mexican equivalent of an American grilled cheese sandwich — but not exactly the same thing. I’ll save the specifics of all the different versions of quesadillas, that are made throughout Mexico, for a more in-depth article in the future. Today I want to show you a very simple and quick quesadilla version that you can have on the table in about 5 minutes. I’m sure the majority of you already have the ingredients in your kitchen ready to go.

There really is no recipe to follow because all you need are corn tortillas and Mexican cheese. When I make quick quesadillas I like to use corn tortillas but you can also use flour ones too, it’s up to you. For the cheese you want to choose a real Mexican one like stringy Oaxaca cheese, chihuahua or even queso fresco or asadero will do. I know some of you may not have access to these cheeses so you can always substitute them with a mild Edam cheese; I used to when I lived in Prague. But just don’t use that awful spiced, yellow-white mix stuff because that’s not the taste we want here…and actually you’ll never find that in authentic Mexican cuisine or Mexican stores.

(Spanish lesson: Queso means cheese. so when you see things called queso cheese sauce/dip etc. you’ll understand how strange it looks to us Spanish speakers…and now you.:) Haha!)

As you can see in these quesadillas I’ve included spinach. The spinach was leftover from the previous night’s dinner but you can also use fresh baby (or regular) spinach too. My spinach was lightly sautéed with a bit of garlic, chopped tomato and a tiny bit of onion– of course plain spinach will taste great too, and if you don’t have leftover cooked spinach or are pressed for time just go with the fresh spinach option.

How I made my quesadillas: I used Oaxaca cheese which I then pulled apart into smaller stringy pieces. Then I heated up the comal (griddle) and once hot I placed the corn tortillas on it and allowed to warm up for a minute, then I flipped them. Next I placed the cheese on top of each tortilla (amount it up to you). Then I added the cold leftover spinach on one half, allowed the cheese to melt and then folded into halves. Lastly all you do is make sure the cheese is melted and serve. Super simply and super fast too!

We had the quesadillas for lunch just by themselves, there’s no need for anything else. I hope you give them a try sometime.

Spinach Quesadillas by @SpicieFoodie | #quesadillas #spinach #mexican #vegetarian


And now for the lucky winner of The Spanish Tin giveaway…

Congratulations #15 Gloria R!! We will be emailing you shortly about your prize. Enjoy and I hope you share with all of us the delicious foods you prepare with the spices.


I’ll be back with another recipe soon but don’t forget to add your recipe to this month’s YBR roundup. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


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  1. says

    Great idea of using leftover spinach in the quesadilla…indeed a simple and easy way for a quick meal.
    Thanks for the inspiration Nancy…hope you are having a wonderful week :D

  2. says

    So simple. So delicious! We are big time quesadilla lovers in our house, although I’ve never made them with Oaxaca cheese before. I’ve used Queso Fresco, but most typically Monterey Jack cheese. And, veggies-yes! Spinach is delicious, as is kale + mushrooms sauted in garlic and a little oil. I think one of the best quesadilla’s I ever ate was after a zip line/repelling adventure in Puerto Vallarta. There was a little stand outside where the woman made them with fresh homemade corn tortillas and the most delicious cheese. Oh, I am getting so hungry right now!!

  3. says

    Quesadillas are one of my favorite quick meals when I have not time and I have two hungry kids. Spinach is a great filling. :)

  4. says

    We’re making Mexican tomorrow for dinner, this will be our last meal of the week in Oregon for a little while! I love homemade corn tortillas – and my partner used fresh cilantro in his tortilla recipe and I love them so much as snacks! I would love to have quesadillas, yummm! And congratulations to the winner!

  5. says

    My kids usually share some kind of quesadilla and tacos when we go to our favorite local Mexican restaurant. We go there once a week that they know our orders. Pretty authentic place that’s very popular around here. :D I’ve never added spinach, but this is a great way to boost nutrition. :)


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