A Pescatarian vs. A Carnivore: Meet Jaime and Luke from The Feud with Food

What happens when a pescatarian and a carnivore cook together?

A Pescatarian vs. A Carnivore: Meet Jaime and Luke from @thefeudwithfood | #pescatarianrecipes #vegetarianrecipes #meatrecipes

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jamie and Luke of The Feud with Food. They are new to the food blogging community and I hope you’ll help me welcome them.

This husband and wife team love to cook together, but when Jamie became a pescatarian it created a bit of a kitchen challenge for them. Sometimes that means the meals they prepare are entirely separate ones. Regardless of their differences in diet they have managed to continue to cook together — I love that, don’t you?! To keep the kitchen fun going Jaime and Luke have friendly cooking competitions. They are both extremely competitive so you may notice a few cook-off posts every now and then.

This is what Jamie had to say, “Luke and I thoroughly enjoy cooking together however, Luke loves his meat but I’m a pescatarian which means the only meats I eat are fish and shellfish. Our blog consists of meat recipes, fish recipes and vegetarian recipes. I love to bake so there are plenty of recipes for sweet treats on the blog as well. We also enjoy a refreshing cocktail every now and then so we have some yummy cocktail recipes for you to try.

Below are 5 of their favourite recipes.

A Pescatarian vs. A Carnivore: Meet Jaime and Luke from @thefeudwithfood | #friedpickles #meatkebabs #veggiekebabs #pbbrownies #muffins #peachcranlemonade

(Top R-L)Jamie’s Favorite Blueberry Muffins, Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies, Luke’s Fried PicklesJamie’s Vegetarian  Kebabs, Lukes Meat Kebabs,  Peach Cran Lemonade


Make sure you stop by The Feud with Food for many more scrumptious recipes. And if you don’t want to miss one of their new recipes you can follow Jamie and Luke on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.

*This has been another instalment of “Meet Our Sponsors” a series brought to you by the lovely people who help support this blog.



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