Yucatan #Avocados: A New Culinary Discovery

Yucatan Avocados by @SpicieFoodie | #avocados #yucatan #aguacate #Mexico

Happy Monday amigos! I have a very casual post to share with you today, just a little talk about a new type of avocado I discovered this weekend. This giant green fruit you see is called an agucate de Yucatan or Yucatan avocado. I’ve never come across Yucatecan avocados and certainly not such huge ones. I didn’t know what to expect so before slicing it open I did a little research in Spanish and English to see what I could learn.

There isn’t too much information on these types of avocados, which left me a bit disappointed. However, I did discover that they are also called aguacate mantequilla or butter(y) avocados. These types of avocados can be twice or thrice as larger as the Hass variety. Yucatan avocados have less fat and more water content than other varieties. Additionally their price is much more accesible to consumers — according to this article, Yucatan avocados are up to 6 times cheaper than other types (in Mexico). They go on to say that (unfortunately) this variety is not quite as popular as other ones. They state that the reason being that the federal government does not support the production of Yucatan variety as they do other ones. Unfortunately for this reason I don’t think many (if any) of you will be able to find these giant avocados in your countries, but do keep an eye out for them.

Yucatan Avocados by @SpicieFoodie | #avocados #yucatan #aguacate #Mexico

My very large avocado ripened in a day in a half — one of the many benefits of living in the tropics is that the heat helps fruit ripen faster. The outer skin on Yucatan avocados is very smooth and shinny. The colour went from a leafy green to a yellowish-green colour. My store receipt says that this baby weighed in at 445 gms or just under one lb and I only paid $6.45 pesos or about .50 US cents. (Normally I pay anywhere from $2.70 to $3.40 USD for a kilo of the other varieties.) That’s insane but very exciting to an avocado lover!

Slicing it open revealed an inner yellow flesh with an outer green ring coloured flesh. The pit was huge, almost as big as a regular sized avocado. The smell is the same as other varieties I’ve had, but this one looked juicier. When I cut off a small piece I could see that these types of avocados really do have more water content. The peel is very thin and a bit easier to pull away from the flesh. The taste was just as good as your typical varieties; It was creamy, fresh, light and downright delicious. There are slight differences and Yucatan avocados definitely hold their own compared to the ever so popular Hass variety.

So far I’ve eaten it by scooping it right out, topped my sunny side-up eggs and ate it alongside some arranchera tacos. I plan on cooking with one today and will share the recipe with you in a few days. What I can tell you now is that I loved the taste, texture and of course price so I will continue to definitely buy them when they are in season.

Yucatan Avocados by @SpicieFoodie | #avocados #yucatan #aguacate #Mexico

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    It looks like that avocados that grow in Florida as well as another type called “slimcado” both of which are larger than Haas and not as rich (fatty). At the market I go to most, I pay $1.50 for two Haas; in supermarkets or other stores, they are sometimes $1.50 each. No matter the price, I still prefer the Haas.

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    When we lived in California, we had many avocado trees on the property with different varieties. None were as big as what you describe with the Yucatan avocado, but we did have one almost twice the size of the Hass with a smooth light green skin, which was very thin. Those also were a higher water content, fine for slicing and eating, but less so for guacamole. The Yucatan would be nice to have as a choice — those are large enough to feed a crowd!

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    I’ve never heard of these avocados and yes, they are HUGE! Eating an avocado is the best way! When they are moist and creamy like this, there’s nothing better. Great post!

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    I actually like the bigger avocados myself. Haas avocados are nice… but I get a larger variety at my local grocery store called “Florida” avocados and they look very similar to this yucatan avocado. They are always beautiful inside when cut them… I can’t always say that about the Haas.


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