Sunday Snapshots: A Fisherman at Sunset

by Spicie Foodie on August 16, 2014

For me, this weekend is about getting organised and catching up with work. It’s not much fun but that’s what happens when you’ve been ill. One great thing that’s come out of this weekend work session has been coming across photos I had forgotten about. Today I’d like to share these lost and found pictures from several months ago. I snapped them while my husband and I were on an evening stroll on the beach. Sunset is a beautiful time to enjoy the cooling sea breezes and (if you’re lucky) catch a fisherman reeling in some fish or crab.

I wonder if the señor caught anything this night…

Have a beautiful day!

Fisherman at Sunset by @spiciefoodie | #mexico #beachlife #travel


Fisherman at Sunset by @spiciefoodie | #mexico #beachlife #travel


Fisherman at Sunset by @spiciefoodie | #mexico #beachlife #travel


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