Lemon Ice Cubes + More Flavoured Ice Cube Ideas

by Spicie Foodie on August 18, 2014

Lemon Infused Ice Cubes by @spiciefoodie | #icecubes #lemon #summer

The preferred drink in this household is water — ice cold! But because water can be a bit plain, adding a little zing can make it interesting again. Usually we add a slice of lemon or lime, some mint leaves or slices of fruit. This always gives the water a fresh and light taste that can really compliment a meal and/or leave you feeling energised. Of course during the summer we all need the help of ice cubes to keep ourselves (and water) cool longer. When I’m really hot I love to combine the fresh lemon slices with ice cubes, and today I’d like to show you how I do it plus a few more ideas for flavoured ice cubes.

Lemon Infused Ice Cubes by @spiciefoodie | #icecubes #lemon #summer

First I’d like to recommend a great tool for making ice cubes: silicone moulds. These flexible kitchen gadgets make it so much easier to remove the ice cubes. Just be careful when filling them up and placing in the freezer because they can easily spill. My favourite silicone moulds to uses are ones with fun unique shapes and large ones so I can make big ice cubes. They look pretty in the cups too.

Obviously we need water (I use filtered or bottled) and fresh lemons or limes. Make sure that the fruit is throughly cleaned because we will be leaving the outer skin intact. I like to cube the lemons or limes then place in each mould, then fill up with water and freeze. The process is the same for any other fruit or herb or flower you may choose to use. Nothing to it!

Lemon Infused Ice Cubes by @spiciefoodie | #icecubes #lemon #summer

Here are more ideas to transform ice cubes into pretty and interesting ones.

• Use chopped up large fruits like apples, pears, watermelon or pineapple
• The small size of berries make them ideal for flavoured ice cubes
• Instead of using the whole lemon/lime, juice it and freeze the juice. You can dilute it a bit with water if you like.
• Mix lemon/lime with lavender for a delicious citrus-floral taste. I love the combination and use it for biscuits.
• Mix lemon with mint and use ice cubes in iced tea.
• Use just mint to make Summer mojitos
• Use that last splash of juice and then serve the ice cubes with sparkling water.
• Use edible flowers to give your drinks a floral tastes. Try this tutorial by The View from Great Island
• Love iced coffee? Try adding a few milk ice cubes
• Coffee ice cubes are one of the most awesome ice cube flavour creations, this one by Honestly Yum is a must try.

Lemon Infused Ice Cubes by @spiciefoodie | #icecubes #lemon #summer

What about you, do you have a special way you like to prepare your ice cubes?


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