Spicie FoodieSpicie Foodie is a blog penned by me, Nancy, a 30 something year old woman with a passion for all things food and photography. 

As a child I avoided the kitchen and my Mother’s constant (failed) attempts to get me to learn to cook. Over the years I finally gave in and taught myself how to cook. This blog is my culinary adventure leading me to learn and experience it all. My favorite foods or those I crave the most are spicy flavorful dishes, I guess it’s only natural being that it’s in my blood. You will find a range of spicy dishes from Mexican, Indian and Thai cuisine, as well as a range of less or non spicy dishes from all over the world. Spicy or mild my recipes are all healthy, fresh,  delicious, and guaranteed to spice up your kitchen and help lead a healthier life.

The recipes you will find on Spicie Foodie are my own creations or results of my experiments. All of the recipes are tested and tasted in my kitchen. (If you are unsure of any ingredients please check with your Doctor to make sure there is no adverse or allergic reactions.) You will also find “Recipe Reviews” which are reviews of recipes from either the few cookbooks I own, different online resources, and/or  fellow foodie bloggers. Another feature you will find are “Spotlight On” articles highlighting nutrition and health benefits of many kitchen ingredients. My main goal with Spicie Foodie is to not only share what I have learned but also show you how to cook healthy and delicious meals without adding unwanted or unneeded fat and calories.


All of the photography found here is shot by me. (If I feature photos shot by others they are credited as the photographer.) I am a professional and have loved photography for many years. No tricks, no fakes, no elaborate photoshopping is done on my photos. My style is simple, simple props and simple lighting —it’s about the food after all. I’m a loyal Pentax user, I use a DSLR camera and occasionally a point and shoot. When natural light is not available I use one artificial light source.* Photography tutorials can be found under the Photography page.*



In October 2012 my photography, Yummy Pics: A Food Blogger’s Guide to Better Photos, was released. It is meant as a guide for understanding photography basics, making the camera work for you, as well as improving your food photography skills. The book can be purchased by clicking on the image below, and you can read the book’s specs here, Yummy Pics, Food Photography for Bloggers.

Yummy Pics: A Food Blogger's Guide to Better Photos, Photography eBook by Spicie Foodie

My first Cookbook, An Epiphany of the Senses (An Eclectic Recipe Collection Guaranteed to Awaken Your Senses) was published in October 2010 and is now on sale at Amazon.com. (International buyers can order your copy here.) The recipes are all my own creations and the majority of  have never been published. All of the photography in the cookbook was also shot by me.

An Epiphany of the Senses Cookbook, Spicie Foodie

Along with An Epiphany of the Senses, Calendars featuring my photography and recipes are also available for purchase.

Spicie Foodie 2011 CalendarSpicie Foodie 2012 Calendar

In 2010 I was also chosen by Foodista to be included in their cookbook, Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook. As of October 2010 the cookbook is available for purchase on Amazon.com . My recipe, Luscious Thai Chicken Pineapple Curry, can be found on page 90.


As of May 2011 I have been a featured columnist for Honest Cooking, The FOOD Magazine. My column is called Mexico On My Plate. As the title indicates it is a food column on the cuisine of Mexico.

For additional publications please refer to the Press page.



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Welcome to my virtual kitchen! ¡buen provecho! – bon appétit! – Guten Appetit!-Buon appetito! वादिष्ट खाना (Svādiṣṭ khānā) -Dobrou chuť! Приятного аппетита! (Prijatnogo appetita)


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