An Epiphany of the Senses Cookbook

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An Epiphany of the Senses, my first cookbook was published on October 2010. All recipes and photography are my own. This cookbook is an eclectic recipe collection that is guaranteed to awaken your senses. All recipes are dishes I love both to eat and cook on a regular basis. A few of the recipes included have been published on my blog but are fundamental recipes both in my kitchen and to the book. The remaining majority are new recipes never before published.
Spicie Foodie Cookbook PreviewThis 64 page, 7.5′ wide × 7.5′ tall, Full color, paperback book is filled with the scent and flavors of my kitchen and my adventures into the culinary world. A must have cookbook with healthy recipes bursting with delicious flavours, aromas and exotic spices. The perfect eclectic recipe collection both for the seasoned cook and the novice foodie.

Let your taste buds travel to an exotic world and leave with a few new epiphanies as souvenirs.

Spicie Foodie Cookbook Preview



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