“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” -Marc Riboud


Bread, Pasta, Olives and Patty Pan Squash, Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie

I can still remember the day I began shooting photos for my blog, Spicie Foodie. By this time I had already been bitten by the photography bug. Playing with my camera and learning about photography was already a favorite pass time of mine. What I didn’t realize was that shooting food was a completely different process. Though it was challenging and in many ways felt like starting all over again, I immediately fell in love with food photography. I loved the new challenges and the way that it pushed me to really start learning how to become a photographer.

I am someone who has a deep love of all things photography. I started with a basic or point-and-shoot type camera then gradually worked my way up to a DSLR. I have no formal training. My ability is a result of reading, learning both from others and myself, putting that knowledge to use, and, most important practicing. In the years that have passed since snapping that first food photo, I have learned so much about photography and my camera. I have learned that photography is a constant journey of learning, that practice really does matter, and that photography allows us to see things in a different light.

All of the photography found here on Spicie Foodie is shot by me. (If I feature photos shot by others they are credited as the photographer.) No tricks, no fakes, no elaborate photoshopping is done on my photos. My style is simple, simple props and simple lighting —it is about the food after all. I am a loyal Pentax user. My main camera is a Pentax DSLR and occasionally I use a point and shoot. When natural light is not available I use one artificial light source.

Together with your cooking, photography is part of your artistic expression- explore all the possibilities and always let your individuality shine through!

Happy shooting and good light!
– Nancy


Want to learn food photography? I wrote an eBook, click the link below
Bread, Pasta, Olives and Patty Pan Squash, Sunday Snapshots, Spicie Foodie
Yummy Pics – A Food Blogger`s Guide To Better Photos 


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