Homemade Goo Gone
Prep time
Total time
An inexpensive, two ingredient, all natural cleaning agent. It removes labels, stickers, and stickiness from just about any surface*.
Serves: 0
  • generic and inexpensive vegetable oil
  • baking soda (also known as sodium bicarbonate)
  • small container for mixing and possibly storing any leftovers
  • spoon
  1. Select the item that needs to have the sticky mess removed. (This works on glass bottles and jars, plates, silverware...etc.) First try to remove the label/stickers by peeling them and if that doesn't work, leave to soak in water while you prepare the cleaning solution.
  2. In a bowl combine one part vegetable oil with two parts of baking soda. (For example, mix two tablespoons of vegetable oil with four tablespoons of baking soda.) Mix until the ingredients are well combined. Set aside to sit and thicken up, about five minutes.
  3. Generously rub the paste onto the part of the jar that has the remaining label/sticker/glue. Keep rubbing with your fingers or with a dish sponge until all of the stickiness and paper are off the jar. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Wash with soapy water and dry before using the item that has been cleaned with the homemade Goo Gone. Store any leftovers in a tightly sealed container.
*The baking soda can be abrasive, so if you're unsure about certain surfaces do test it out on a very small area first.
Recipe by Spicie Foodie ™ at https://www.spiciefoodie.com/2015/09/03/homemade-goo-gone-inexpensive-and-only-two-ingredients/